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Building a Strong Partnership with Your Technical Co-founder

Technical Co-founder

Today millions of people are stuck doing the same job every single day, earlier, people wanted a secure job that could help them to be financially stable, but over time, people started realizing that doing a secure job may bring them a guarantee of stable finances. Still, they can’t enjoy their freedom doing the same old job every day of their corporate life.

This idea urges individuals, regardless of their startup, to build a realm where they can be the business and have all the fulfillment they need. The concept of a startup might sound pretty astounding; however, we should know that laying out a fruitful startup is complex, and to do it effectively, you want a technical co-founder close by.

Technical co-founder

Many of you might have heard about technical co-founders, but only a few of us know what a technical co-founder is. So before moving forward to how to find a technical co-founder, we should first discuss what a technical co-founder is. A technical co-founder has great importance in making a startup successful. You might have an idea to make your startup most successful, but you can’t implement it without the right technical co-founder.

A technical co-founder is a business partner who will help you to implement your ideas from scratch. A technical co-founder is an essential requirement for all those startup owners who do not belong from a technical background. He will use his knowledge of technology to make your products and your business successful.

Where and How to find a technical co-founder

You might have the option to find numerous people around you who could be familiar with innovation, yet the significant point is that you want to track down the ideal individual. Doing so will rely upon who you know and who you can find. You ought to constantly recall that the individual you need to work with can undoubtedly land many positions in various organizations and with additional profits, or they could begin their organizations.

So you should always know that it won’t be easy to convince an individual who has exceptional knowledge about technology and is worthy of high importance. You should not just search for a technical co-founder recklessly because by doing so, you might find someone who has a high possibility of succeeding with you, but you should always put your contacts first.

Finding someone already connected with you might give you a better chance of finding a co-founder who could share your passion and goals. Always prioritize those with whom you can interact directly without any third person. After finding a suitable person convinced to work with you as a technical co-founder, you can move further. Your tech cofounder can help you more than just doing software development for equity. They will act as the product manager and advisor when you focus on acquiring customers.

Steps of building a solid partnership with your technical co-founder

It’s highly possible that after gaining enough knowledge from the points mentioned above, you might have found the right person who can be a technical co-founder in your startup. The next priority should be building a relationship with them that can last for decades.

Follow the point below, and you won’t face problems building a solid relationship with your technical co-founder.

Go one on one

Always remember that even if it’s entirely your idea of a startup and the products, you are not the only one working for it. There may be many situations where you must put much more effort into yourself than your technical co-founder, but the same goes backward too. So to avoid any conflicts in the future regarding the share of equity and profit, you should cut it down straight to half. This would be an encouragement for both you and your technical co-founder.

Make them your friends first.

As discussed earlier, you should prioritize choosing a technical cofounder from those more connected to you. So you and your co-founder should both agree on the factor that both of you will always put your friendship before your business. Doing so will ensure that you both remain loyal and supportive of each other in tough times.

This would also assist you with guaranteeing that an organization among you and your fellow benefactor goes on for a really long time. This doesn’t imply that you ought to blend your own and proficient life; however, becoming companions would assist you with seeing one another.

Never “disagree and commit.”

Always remember that during your whole business venture, you could confront numerous circumstances where you and your co-founder will not concur with one another, and that is normal since everybody has their ideology.

Still, if there ever comes a situation where you or your co-founder do not agree on some decisions, those decisions should never be implemented because if it comes out to be a success, then it won’t be a problem. In any case, assuming it’s a disappointment, not one of you would need the other to say, “I previously told you so,” because that can unfavorably influence you and your technical co-founder.

Divide and rule is never a good idea.

Most business and new startup owners think they should divide the work entirely and decide solely on their job, but that is not a good idea. Instead of doing that, you focus on all the projects together because doing so will help you work with great passion and increase your performance entirely to the next level. Both of you should prioritize getting the agreement of others before making a decision.

Share the same goals.

It’s not very complicated; almost every businessman should know that their business can reach great heights if they and their partner (technical co-founders) share the same goals. This would not allow your efforts to be diverted from the primary motive. So you should always focus on discussion and agreement on your immediate and long-term goals.


To build a successful business from the very beginning, you should always focus on partnering with a technical co-founder who can be suitable for your startup’s growth. You may also require different tools, such as a startup equity calculator and other investors, but your priority should have a technical co-founder by your side.

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