Building A Knowledge Crypto-Economy: Interview With CEO Of Dacxi

Although crypto has gradually started to secure itself as a reliable financial instrument, the heat of expectation of the next rise pushes more gamblers to acquire and hold on Bitcoin, behaviour we usually only see from long-term investors. In fact, crime in the crypto-space has been at a record high during the pandemic. With the urge to find a safe harbour from the storm ravaging the global economic landscape, numerous inexperienced experimenters found refuge in blockchain and decentralized currency. Due to lack of experience, the downside of this is that the number of crypto-crime victims has continued to grow. In this cyber world, it’s currently impossible to bring this number down to zero without introducing the rigorous legal framework needed in cyberspace, where users can recoup their damages in case of a loss. Until this day comes, there’s only one weapon countering crypto ransomware – it is education. Only with a solid baggage of knowledge can investors gain confidence on the correct path – and Dacxi provides just that.

Merging education with interactive content, Dacxi’s Crypto Wealth Platform makes an effort to teach its users before jumping head-first into the investment process. Dacxi has created a vast library of webinars, live events, blogs and online courses, matched up with pre-recorded guiding videos. There’s even a library of free eBooks. The scale of development taken by Dacxi puts it way ahead of competition; combined with unparalleled customer service, this platform takes a new rank among the existing investment mechanisms in the crypto space. 

Dacxi has a unique approach whereby they give investors a portfolio approach, to maximize returns and reduce risk. This includes freedom to choose from 3 investment bundles: Blue Chip Bundle, Precious Metals Bundle and Blue Ocean Bundle. By fostering financial freedom available to everyone, Dacxi brings a breath of fresh air into the crypto industry that was previously exhausted by complex trading exchanges.

What inspired you to reinvent finance, and what are the ways Dacxi can revolutionize the industry?

The benefits of blockchain: universal access, global participation, immutable store of ownership and convenience. These aspects really are game changing. In combination, these benefits are democratising the investment landscape, meaning those that would never have had access to, or have been able to participate in investment opportunities that build wealth over the medium to long term, now can.  Our purpose is to empower any investor, anywhere in the world, to build long term wealth.  We do this by providing a curated catalogue of investment opportunities that encompass a growing number of asset classes – some new (eg. select crypto currencies), some old (eg. precious metals).  For Dacxi customers, the mechanism of acquisition and store of ownership is digital, the benefits of which they can now experience for themselves.

Do you see the ways Dacxi can lead people out of the financial slump they were placed in by the pandemic?

Dacxi is built on the fundamental belief that the digital revolution, that is blockchain, empowers the average investor to participate in building long term wealth in a way that has never previously been possible.  The opportunity to participate is game changing and foundational for the company.  We build on this empowerment with the educational materials we produce.  Education allows investors to make informed decisions about what they want to invest in, based on their unique view of risk and timeline.

What makes the Dacxi Coin so distinct that makes it worth investing in?

Dacxi is committed to extending our catalogue of investment opportunities into multiple asset classes, including asset classes the average investor would otherwise have very little access to – such as privately held companies. As our catalogue grows, we are building the Dacxi blockchain, which will allow us to create a secondary market for these investment opportunities. This is what we call the Dacxi ecosystem, and Dacxi Coin will become a global, borderless mechanism through which Dacxi users can invest and divest all of these investment opportunities.  Ecosystems such as this are inevitable, with or without Dacxi. We are pioneering the development of this ecosystem.

Who are the members of your team? Could you share more about their backgrounds and how they contribute to the project?

Like any business we have subject matter experts leading and working in key business units including technology, finance, product, sales, marketing and customer support. The people we hire are not just high performers in their chosen field, they believe that over time, the digitisation of all assets is inevitable. And so like those that pioneered the emergence and commercialisation of the internet itself, the Dacxi team is imagining the future through the lens of our customer.

What are the sources you suggest the inexperienced user should start with to get familiarized with the crypto world?

There are vast amounts of information on the web about crypto assets and how to get started.  Navigating through it can be intimidating however.  Recognising the importance of education, at Dacxi we have produced and curated a simple, modular series of educational material where any user can match their educational needs with our content.  This includes videos, courses and eBooks, with more content being produced all the time.  All of which is free and available to customers and non customers alike.

Looking deeper into the 3 bundle options introduced by Dacxi, which one would you recommend to inexperienced users and why?

The investment opportunities available through Dacxi are a carefully curated set of packages we call bundles.  Packages make enormous sense because they allow investors to take a position across multiple assets with a single investment, which lowers risk.  It’s also a convenient way to get started for those that may not have a strong view about which individual assets they want to own.

Our three bundles are the Blue Chip Bundle, Blue Ocean Bundle (both of which include select crypto assets) and the Precious Metals Bundle.

The Blue Chip Bundle contains some of the biggest cryptos in the market (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dacxi Coin), which many investors new to crypto will recognise.

The Blue Ocean Bundle (Polkadot, Chainlink, Stellar, and Dacxi Coin) includes less established but rapidly emerging crypto currencies with huge innovation potential.

And the Precious Metals Bundle (gold, silver, platinum) demonstrates how Dacxi is using blockchain to innovate for investors.  The digital token we issue each investor is a digital representation of the physical metal, which we physically acquire and place in secure storage (fully insured) to fulfill each order.

How does Dacxi protect its community from scam and hacker attacks?

Security is everything. At Dacxi we maintain an A+ security rating. Furthermore, unlike many exchanges we safeguard customer assets by storing most customer assets on a cold wallet, which is also completely insured. Our users can be completely confident their investments are safe with Dacxi. 

What is the achievement of Dacxi you are so far most proud of?

Two things stand out for me.  The first is the quality of our team.  The Dacxi team is a group of very experienced professionals, all of whom could work for almost any company they choose.  But they have chosen Dacxi because they believe in the vision of democratising the investment landscape for the average investor.  Unlocking the opportunity to build long term wealth and making it accessible to all is a powerful purpose we all strongly believe in.

The second is the innovation that demonstrates we are delivering on our vision.  Probably the best example of this is our Precious Metals Bundle (PMB). The PMB allows us to offer anyone the opportunity to invest as little or as much as they like to participate in one of the oldest asset classes known to man.

The innovation lies in the instrument of acquisition and ownership being digital (a digital token), while the underlying asset is the physical metal which we purchase to fulfill every order, and store securely with an insured, auditable precious metals partner.  It’s a great example of how we are using blockchain technology to provide investors with the combined benefits of convenience, control and access to an established asset class.

Could you share with us some of your future plans – where are you heading to?

There are dual drivers for the business over both the short and long term.

The problem we solve is global, and so geographical expansion is a priority for us.  You will see us launch in several new markets in the coming 12-18 months.

In parallel, we have exciting plans to expand our investment catalogue to include new asset classes and bundles. When you consider that tokenisation via blockchain can be applied to any asset class in existence, and with it we can provide investors around the world with access to any of these asset classes, the potential is unambiguously exciting.

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