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Building A Global Marketplace With Stripe: Challenges And Solutions 

Since the global COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have gone virtual and are placing their products online. It is not a personal desire and necessity to have sales and make a profit. The level of popularity of online payments has grown dramatically, so people were looking for new opportunities to introduce a payment system to their marketplace. PayPal was becoming more and more popular, but it has a serious competitor – Stripe.

Points that made the Stripe popular

Marketplace owners are always looking for the most useful tools to improve their platform. The strip satisfied all their needs because it offered more cool tools to implement the payment system in their platforms. Let’s look at not just the Stripe benefits, but the points that make this system in demand around the world. It is also important to find out what challenges the service has faced and what solutions Stripe offers.

  • Stripe is an international level system that meets all international safety standards. This helps to provide any marketplace with a high level of payment protection because the system is PSI certified. This is one of the highest levels available.
  • The system will be ideal for the online sales industry, such as Amazon. You can simply embed it into your site and make translations without any difficulties. And your audience of customers will like it because they don’t have to go through various stages to make a payment. The speed of processing and execution of the transaction is very fast. You are satisfied customers and more demand for your offer.
  • Stripe products and functions are very simple, especially if you use templates. But you can also add and expand options to suit your business. For example, there are many types of payments in various currencies. The system offers more than 135 currencies, so you can use any card and not worry about making a payment.

 Global Marketplace With Stripe
For many marketplace developers, cost is important because the initial development of a business has certain costs. Stripe will be able to please you because the services of the system have a fixed cost. Not all competitors can boast of this. Here you get detailed reporting to track sales, improve your functionality, and even target international markets.

What challenges can Stripe handle?

Stripe is not just a replacement for outdated payment systems; it is a new path to the success of your business. Build the best and most secure payment infrastructure that you and your customers will love. The system helps to implement and set up various points in your marketplace:

  • Product: All types of payments are complex and it’s hard to choose something that combines flexibility and power with clarity and simplicity. In a certain group of products, you want to make a more in-depth stack of tools and abstractions. Stripe offers an API for logging, documentation, webhook development best practices, and version control.
  • Ops (financial operations): Any programmer will tell you that writing code is difficult; sometimes mistakes lead to sad consequences for your business. Of course, this is not writing code for a spaceship where a mistake can lead to the death of people, but you also do not want your marketplace to fail. A lot of time is spent building robust frameworks, but Stripe offers a unique opportunity. This is modeling complex system actions as several separate simple transitions between states. That is, you can avoid errors by isolating failures in one place.
  • Sys (systems): Payment processing is always a certain and rather huge load on the system. Of course, the dollar cost per bit will be high. And the problem is scaling. Developers in the Stripe spend more time writing specific business logic and don’t pay enough attention to low-level optimization. The company added a high-availability load-balancing layer on EC2 because the existing type did not have the availability properties that users want.
  • Risk: The development of any marketplace is associated with certain security risks. Every minute you use the features, you will be faced with sophisticated attacks from modern scammers and intruders. Virtual threats do not stop and hackers create new ways to steal your data. The payment system is always at risk and Stripe regularly updates the system to scare away any modern online threats.
  • Tools: Developers want to get more useful tools with which they will be comfortable working. Stripe allows anyone to write code locally using their favorite editor. Then such code is simply synchronized with the development machine and the service where they work is automatically restarted. Make one click and your typing will be completed in just a couple of minutes. After that, you can deploy the code to your production environment.
  • Data: Stripe’s goal is to make the Internet better, so the system regularly studies its evolution in order to provide users with more useful data. Reception and analysis of data usually consists in building your own infrastructure with data. But now there is Tiller, a tool that makes creating dynamic dashboards very easy. And the system is already thinking about gathering a group of analysts to better understand how to work with a huge mountain of data. 

The advantage of Stripe is that the system does not stand still and develops every day. By analyzing the data and opinions of users, it adapts to their desires and requirements. There are new requests that they want to see in the development and implementation of payment systems in their marketplace.


 Global Marketplace With Stripe


If we consider the features of Stripe, we can conclude that this system has transferred the development of payment systems to a higher level. A team of experts is constantly improving the capabilities of the system so that work inside it is simple and understandable for both experienced developers and ordinary users. These were just some of the challenges that users noted and which the developers fixed. They shared that their attentive attitude to users allows them to get their opinion and implement it within the system.

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