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Building A Culture Of Compliance

Compliance is not simply a legal requirement but also a competitive advantage for any company hoping to flourish in the financial sector. Compliance refers to abiding by the laws, rules, and policies that apply to your business, market, and sector. It entails conducting yourself in an honourable, responsible, and open manner in all interactions with clients, partners, lawmakers, and stakeholders.

However, compliance cannot be attained by merely checking boxes or completing forms. It demands a compliance-oriented workplace culture in which every employee values compliance and incorporates it into their routine tasks. In an environment where compliance is respected and trusted, it is not perceived as a burden or a restriction.

How can you foster such a compliance culture inside your company? What perks does that have, too? This is where American Coin Co.’s Vice President of Sales, Brett Bultje, comes in.

Who is Brett Bultje?

Brett Bultje is American Coin Co’s Vice President of Sales. Brett Bultje is passionate about rare coins and precious metals and assisting his clients in achieving their financial objectives.

In addition to being a prosperous businessman, Brett Bultje is a strong leader who values his team and community. He encourages his staff to seek professional and personal development and recognizes their accomplishments while mentoring and training them.

How did Brett Bultje create a compliance-oriented culture at American Coin Company?

Brett Bultje knows compliance offers a competitive advantage and is a legal necessity. He is mindful that compliance safeguards a company’s brand and assets against threats and fosters confidence with customers, partners, regulators, and other stakeholders.

Brett Bultje implements the following five crucial measures at American Coin Co. to create a culture of compliance:

1. Leadership devotion and communication

Brett Bultje sets an excellent example for others and displays his commitment to compliance. Also, he routinely communicates with his colleagues about the value of observation, the requirements and standards they must follow, and the tools and assistance at their disposal.

2. Thorough instruction and training

To comply with regulations, Brett Bultje makes sure that his team is adequately trained and educated on subjects like consumer protection (FTC), privacy protection (GDPR), know your customer (KYC), and anti-money laundering (AML). He also keeps them informed of any modifications or advancements in the legal landscape that could impact their job.

3. Promote honest communication and reporting

At American Coin Co., Brett Bultje promotes an environment of openness and transparency where his staff can inquire about compliance-related issues, voice concerns, report problems, and make suggestions for change. In addition, he offers them a variety of ways to do so, including face-to-face meetings, online forms, and anonymous hotlines.

4. Accountability and leadership through example

Brett Bultje holds himself and his staff accountable for their compliance-related acts and choices. He routinely assesses their performance, offers constructive criticism, acknowledges their accomplishments, and addresses shortcomings or faults. Furthermore, he imposes appropriate incentives and consequences for compliance, such as raises, promotions, cautions, or sanctions.

5. Maintain the momentum and make the required improvements

Regarding compliance, Brett Bultje never takes his success for granted. He continually assesses the efficacy and efficiency of his compliance program, pinpoints areas for development makes adjustments, and monitors the outcomes. He also asks his staff, clients, partners, and regulators for comments on improving his compliance culture.

Bultje envisions a day in the future when his work will benefit his clients, coworkers, and the larger community.

“We want to empower people by giving them the resources they need to diversify their investment portfolios and withstand market ups and downs,” he says.

Bultje is dedicated to assisting his clients in achieving financial success, motivating his team to new heights, fostering innovation, and fostering growth while upholding a positive work-life balance. He is an excellent athlete who won the Colorado 3A State Championship in the 100-meter dash, two collegiate national titles in track and field, and four All-American selections.

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