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Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator Concludes 2022 Inaugural Program

Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator has wrapped up its inaugural program with the Tulsa12 – the first cohort of 12 companies to complete the program. The Build in Tulsa team announced the members of the 2022 class in August, and these startups have gone through an intensive 13-week program designed to help them scale. 

During these 13 weeks, these startups received hands-on mentorship and curated entrepreneurial content and programming. The startup founders also received up to $120k in funding to help with business growth. Finally, with access to the Techstars network, these entrepreneurs have exchanged ideas with the brightest minds across different industries.

What kind of startups does the Build in Tulsa Techstars accelerator support?

This accelerator offers support to underrepresented startup founders across all industries. So far, they have worked with founders who have built innovative solutions in energy, technology, agricultural technology, virtual healthcare, and advanced aerial mobility. Some of the founders have built cybersecurity, data analytics, or Web3 solutions that cut across sectors. 

The members of the Tulsa12 cohort have demonstrated a commitment to innovation in a diverse range of industries:


CASSIE has developed a smart air filtration system driven by patented technology to kill mold, bacteria, and viruses without any emissions. With this patented technology, air quality monitoring and disinfection costs less for consumers.

2. Groovv

Groovv offers a unique portfolio of retirement planning services that cater to gig workers, freelancers, and independent contractors. With access to these services, workers with non-traditional jobs can build a stable future for themselves.

3. human

human is the first AI-driven online dating platform that generates matches based on behavior and values. This platform helps foster more meaningful connections.


KEXY is an intuitive platform that bridges the gaps in the hospitality industry by connecting retailers, distributors, and brands. In this way, this platform streamlines inventory management between all parties along the food and beverage supply chain.

5. Lerch

Lerch is a personalized event concierge that is designed to help everyone feel like a VIP. From finding parking to identifying hotels and restaurants nearby with good deals, Lerch delivers everything you need to attend your next event.


NGHBR is an app that is built to connect users with professionals located close by. With this app, professionals from different industries can network in real time.

7. Plannly

Plannly is a platform designed to offer personalized wellness solutions to your employees. With an intelligent algorithm that adapts to life changes, Planning ensures your employees are happier, healthier, and more engaged.

8. Shopl

Shopl is built to deliver a seamless experience for those who shop online regularly. In addition to helping you check out from multiple retailers simultaneously, Shopl also manages all your orders in one place.

9. SocialPreneur Lab Inc.

SocialPreneur Lab has everything that your children or students need to learn how to be an entrepreneur at a young age. The platform caters to children aged 11 years and above, with tools for raising capital, launching, and selling products – all in one place.

10. Weku

Weku makes it easier for consumers to go solar, while also making it easier for solar energy providers to serve their clients. By drawing on blockchain technology, the platform automates the sales process, thus making the transition for consumers and service delivery for providers easier

11. Squadtrip 

Squadtrip simplifies trip planning for groups with a platform that offers professional booking and payment planning tools. Squadtrip takes the hassle out of group trip planning for the group leader, who no longer needs to worry about collecting payments and juggling logistics.

12. Workbnb

Workbnb makes it easier for remote workers, expatriates, and digital nomads to find rental homes designed to fit their unique needs. This platform ensures that workers can be productive on the move and boosts employee morale.

What makes the Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator program unique?

Techstars is a prestigious accelerator that helps entrepreneurs scale their businesses and succeed. To this end, the accelerator provides startup founders with access to funding, one-on-one mentorship, and curated programming for scaling early-stage startups. 

Support for diverse founding teams

The team at Techstars believes that you can find great ideas anywhere, but startup founders need access and opportunity to scale these ideas. Unfortunately, founders of color have a harder time getting support from governments, venture firms, and investors to scale their startups. Why is that? Because they don’t fit the conventional profile of a promising startup founder. 

Techstars launched the Build in Tulsa Accelerator to support underrepresented founders and give them an equal chance to scale their startups.

By supporting upcoming startups led by diverse teams, Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator is helping these founders build Black generational wealth. In a broader sense, this accelerator is rebuilding Black Wall Street. 

In addition to the unique model of this accelerator, it’s based in Tulsa, which is home to a robust startup ecosystem. This particular ecosystem has access to a relatively large number of resources that are focused on developing it. Founders who have a hard time gaining recognition in other more developed startup ecosystems can find a supportive network in Tulsa.

Experienced management

The Build in Tulsa Techstars Accelerator is also uniquely positioned to help startup founders succeed thanks to its management team. The Managing Director, Tre Baker, draws on his experience as an investor and entrepreneur to lead the accelerator.

Tre launched his first company by age 19 and built a diverse array of entrepreneurial and corporate experience during the duration of his professional career. He has vast entrepreneurial and corporate experience. His previous experience includes roles at Brown-Forman and renewable energy commercialization at General Electric. Additionally, he has founded and operated several companies in consulting, retail, e-commerce, entertainment, and blockchain. He’s also invested in almost 100 startups as an angel investor and in his current role at Techstars.

Tre is passionate about building Black Wall Street and this commitment shines through in everything he does. When asked what the key pillars of the Build in Tulsa Techstars accelerator are, here is what he had to say:

“Our goal is to invest in the underinvested and then empower them with knowledge and relationships through our programming and mentor and alumni network to rapidly accelerate their progress. We believe that talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. The #Tulsa12 are evidence that when you give underrepresented founders the opportunity, they can create tremendous value for their companies and meaningfully contribute to the broader ecosystem.”

Get the support you need for your startup today

The inaugural class of the Build in Tulsa Techstars accelerator program is proof that the world is filled with changemakers – they simply need the right opportunities. Are you an underrepresented startup founder who needs support scaling your new product or service into a solution that can transform the world? Joining this accelerator might be exactly what you need.

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