Build an Income by Gaming: Big Eyes Coin Developing The Best P2E Projects in 2023 

Will Big Eyes Coin build an all-inclusive space where anyone can start generating stable income through gaming? Or shall only a few prosper as the nature of the current P2E landscape?

In a world where gaming has become a multibillion-dollar industry and cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of millions, the intersection of these two realms has given rise to the concept of play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. P2E projects enable gamers to earn real-world income by participating in virtual environments, creating an enticing opportunity for individuals to turn their passion into a lucrative income stream.

Still, the P2E landscape has barely been inclusive, with those generating stable incomes consisting of a minority of eSports athletes and popular gaming influencers. Then you have the issue of earning a cryptocurrency that is limited in buying power and can lose value fast. Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has plans to kill two birds with one stone by directing one of the most promising crypto P2E projects on the market today that has all the solutions.

At its core, BIG is a meme coin pulling at the heartstrings of cat meme lovers with plenty of cutesy art themes of cats found in the branding and will carry through with transactions and the entire ecosystem linked to BIG.

BIG’s transactions are energy-efficient, fast and at a low-cost fee, makes them perfect for mass adoption. Big Eyes Coin is dedicated to sustainability, pledging to donate 5% of the total supply to charities chosen by the community. BIG has already donated a whopping $15,926.20 to 15 charities in total!

What’s most impressive about Big Eyes Coin is that it’s only still in the presale phase but continues to act upon its promises, such as donating to charity. To further validate BIG’s mission, they acquired verification from the KYC and CoinSniper to confirm BIG’s legitimacy—which is crucial in an industry with a history of scam coins that rug pull.

Stable Coins Need 24-Hour Trading Volumes

What investors need to keep on their radar about Big Eyes Coin is its ecosystem set to create one of the first inherently valuable meme coins that are not built purely on hype. On August 29th 2023, BIG is launching an online casino with over 4,000 casino games and numerous P2E games. The community will have many fun ways to generate a fun currency like BIG—but what can traders do with BIG?

Well, apart from simply trading BIG for other currencies, BIG will establish an NFT marketplace with an extensive range of digital assets that will be tied heavily to the new economy of Web 3. BIG wants to have an active part in Web 3 by creating a virtual metaverse space known as the NFT Sushi Crew, where BIG members gather to socialise and share their NFTs earned with BIG tokens.

The BIG economy gives the community a fun incentive to constantly circulate BIG tokens, leading to a 24-hour trading volume. Investors and traders scout out cryptocurrency that’s active throughout its lifespan—it offers the promise that meme coins such as BIG are here to stay with its solid backing.

Investors seemingly have big, glazed eyes when set upon Big Eyes Coin since the meme coin has already garnered $42 million in presales. Investors don’t need to ‘hiss-itate’ about missing the presale because they’re still in luck. BIG leaves presale on June 3rd and has a limited-time-only offer to buy BIG tokens at the stage 3 price of $0.00017.

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