Bug Bulb Reviews (Urgent Update): Truth About Bug Bulb Mosquito Zapper Revealed By Trusted Expert

Looking to know the best way to end mosquito bites, it looks like you are in the right place because we have gotten one device, fully tested, Trusted, and others are testifying about its effectiveness. This is called the bug bulb. If you have been searching for the best reviews on bug bulbs, you will definitely end the search today because we have got you covered.

Creating a mosquito free environment is one task that everyhome owner is looking to tackle. We little search, you will seen that there are a lot of solution on the internet but in the end, only a few does the work which means that many people are being ripped off. 

Bug bulb might be strange to you but after a protracted research, we pick it again. It is just one out of many, gonna be the days when we have just a few companies selling, placing any price and ripping off interested buyers. It is our top pick for a reason and if you stay behind you will definitely see why even others said you should use the bug bulb instead of that.

Please Join us in this comprehensive bug bulb reviews. A lot of questions have been answered and some false claims were reviewed so that you will know exactly what you are about to invest. In the end, we also have links for interested readers. Don’t buy if you aren’t completely thrilled even though it looks like the cheapest that few dollars can do other things.


This device is a “Bug bulb”. It is a 2-in-1 device that zaps insects, bugs and mosquitoes with its inbuilt LED light and gives you an insect and bug free environment and atmosphere without interfering with your health. It has UV light that attracts mosquitoes, an outdoor light, long lasting and strong battery, no allergic reaction, it’s safe to use and has a hanging loop to enhance its usability.

Bug bulb is a dual functional and rechargeable light with a round design that instantly kills mosquitoes. It is a peculiar device known for its ability to effectively get rid of mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. It is a bug zapper which was manufactured with the aim of protecting you and your loved ones from painful and irritating bites from mosquitoes and other bugs. 

It traps mosquitoes with its 360 nm-400 nm UV lighting and zaps them dead immediately. It functions as a source of light and a zapper. The mosquitoes get attracted to the UV lights, it traps and kills them instantly. This device is one of its kind. It has amazing features which makes it outstanding and worthwhile.

It is compact, durable and portable. It is round in shape, therefore it gives a 360° zapping power and a mosquito free arena. It doesn’t just get rid of mosquitoes but also lightens up the dark. The lantern power can be set set to 20%,50%, 100%. It can be used as a source of light during night time reading. Its compactness and portability makes it easy to be taken anywhere be it picnics, vacations,campings and the bedroom. 

Most importantly, It is very easy to use. All you need to do is charge it using the USB cable and then use it as a source of light or a protection from mosquitoes. It comes with 30 day money back guarantee which means that customers can return product If it doesn’t suit or satisfy their needs within 30 days of purchase, in other to do this, the product pack must be kept intact. It is easy to clean by simply rinsing off dead debris under a tap.

The invention of this device has reduced the use of repellents and sprays which have negative impacts on our health like skin, nose and eye irritation, breathing problems and cases of seizures associated with cyano pyrethroids which is an active ingredient in some insecticides. It kills bugs and mosquitoes by electrifying and dehydrating them. 

Bug bulb is free from all sorts of chemicals or toxins. It is also water resistant, therefore it is not susceptible to damage by exposure to water therefore it is ideal for outdoor use. It can be kept on a flat surface or hung above using the handy hanging loop for maximum effectiveness. The UV light attracts the mosquito and the electric coil kills them.

Bug bulb can be used in two modes; the lantern mode and the zapper mode. In the lantern mode, the bulb acts as a source of light to lighten the dark, the battery lasts for about 20 hrs in this mode. In the zapper mode, the bulb acts as a trap for insects, bugs by attracting them to itself and then instantly killing them with the help of the electric coil. You can use them during your camping, picnics, vacations with friends and family. It can be used in offices, homes and anywhere at all just keep it at a corner of the room after it has been fully charged. Its technology and uniqueness differentiates it from other bug zappers in the market.

Order Bug Bulb from the official website at discounted prices 


The bug bulb comes in a packed box with its several components, which include:

1: A small handle for hanging the back bulb

2: A rotary switch for turning the bulb off and on

3: A charging port 

4: A cleaning brush for getting rid of dead debris

5: A long lasting, strong and durable lithium ion battery

5: A double electric grid

An electric coil which kills the bugs/insects instantly

6: A USB charging cord for recharging the bulb

7: A lamp which emits the light

These components put together make up the bug bulb and are responsible for the effective function of the bug bulb.


Bug bulb has amazing features which makes it peculiar and next to none. These features are: 

Portability and lightweight: it is very portable and lightweight, weighing about seven (7) ounces. This makes it easy to pack and fit into bags and easy to travel with.

Quiet operation: it performs its functions noiselessly without any form of environmental disruptions. It can be used during your resting and sleeping time without bothering about disrupting or disturbing your sleep.

Waterproof/ water resistant: Bug bulb is not susceptible to damage when it is exposed to water due to its inbuilt waterproof feature.

User-friendly: it is easy to use, clean and set up. It is non toxic and chemical free. Causes no form of irritations or health problems.

It comes with a manual to serve as a user’s guide.


Bug bulb is a very easy to use device which requires no technical know how. 

Unpack: it comes in a packed box with its various components. The first step is to unpack the box to access its contents.

Charge: it is rechargeable, it comes with a USB cable and charging port for recharging the lights. When connected to the USB cable, a red light indicates charging in progress and a green light indicates that the device has been fully charged,

Switch: switch over the top switch to turn device on, a click sound indicates that the device has been turned on and there is emission of light.

Place at a location of your choice to enjoy a bug and insect free atmosphere.


The working mechanism of a bug bulb is very straightforward and easy. After the bulb has been successfully charged. Switch it on and place at the location of your choice, either on a flat surface or by hanging it above using the hanging loop. It is advisable to use the bug bulb in a place where there is no interference of other sources of light for maximum effectiveness. After hanging the bulb, relax and watch it do its job. The UV light begins to attract bugs and insects around that vicinity, as they are attracted to the bulb, the suction motor pulls them in and the electric coil kills them instantly by dehydration and electrification, this process continues until the atmosphere or environment is totally free from all sorts of insects,bugs especially mosquitoes which are of great concern to human health. This should be done 2hrs before the event or sleep. Get rid of the dead debris on the bulb by using the cleaning brush or by rinsing with water since it is waterproof or resistant.

PROS (Bug Bulb Reviews)

It works instantly and gives expected results. It attracts bugs from about half a mile away, especially in the dark.

It is non toxic and chemical free, it doesn’t emit chemicals that can cause irritations or any form of allergic reaction.

It zaps bugs quietly without noise.

It is compact, portable and lightweight, therefore it can be taken anywhere

It has a long lasting,strong and durable lithium ion battery. The battery creates a UV frequency that bugs love.

It offers a 360° light which enables attraction of insects from all angles.

It also gets rid of fruit flies.

It is very affordable, available at $39


The only disadvantage of this product is that it is only available and can be purchased on the official website. This disadvantage also has an advantage attached to it which is ….customers who purchase from the official website are sure of getting a 100% genuine product. Discount is also available to customers who purchase directly from the official website.

Some customers have started using and enjoying this device and can testify to its effectiveness.

“I couldn’t have asked for more, I comfortably sleep now without those buzzing sound of mosquitoes”…..Tasha

” Talk about peace of mind, that’s what I’m enjoying right now, don’t need to constantly check on the kids, just kept a bug bulb in their room”………Martha

“Got one for a try, recently got another one for my office, the fact that it’s got a strong and long lasting battery got me”…….Pascal

Bug bulb has been proven beyond doubt to be the best option to getting rid of those annoying bugs and mosquitoes in your rooms,offices or anywhere at all. It protects you and your loved ones from the dangers and harms of insects and mosquitoes. It is compact and weatherproof which means it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use without bothering about the weather. Totally safe to use,no irritations or allergic reactions. You can get it and take it when you next go camping. Turn your arena bug free by purchasing a bug bulb today.

FAQs (Bug Bulb Reviews)

How long does Bug Bulb’s battery last for?

Yes! The automatic rechargeable battery will make sure your Bug Bulb zaps for 16 hours and lights up for 20 hours!

How do I recharge the Bug Bulb?

Bug Bulb can be recharged using any USB port, and also comes with its own wall charger adapter.

Can I have the light and the zapper on at the same time?

You sure can! You can have the light on, the zapper on, or both on at the same time.

Is the Bug Bulb safe for children and pets?

Unlike chemicals, coils, and other types of lanterns, Bug Bulb is completely safe for children and pets.


One unit cost $39.99

Two units costs $79.99

Three units costs $89.99

Four units costs $119.99

You can get this Price only on the official website.


Bug Bulb to our understanding is an effective bug zapper. It uses electrical energy which is very clean, free from any toxic chemicals that might affect our health. It is not a repellent, it attracts and kills instantly. We recommend it to anyone still looking to create a mosquito free-environment without using any chemical based solution. We tried a bug bulb and it works just like most reviews on the internet claim. It is effective and the rests are realistic.

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