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Bucket Elevator Chain Type and Installation Process

1. Introduction to the types of bucket elevator chains

Bucket elevator chain models are generally divided into round link chains and NE plate chains, among which round link chains are divided into 5-ring chains and 7-ring chains.

2. Model introduction of bucket elevator chain:

1. The ring chain is generally divided into TH160 bucket elevator chain (Φ14), TH250 bucket elevator chain (Φ18), TH315 bucket elevator chain (Φ20), TH400 bucket elevator chain (Φ20), TH500 bucket Bucket elevator chains (Φ20) are most commonly used in the market, and TH630 bucket elevator chains (Φ22) and larger TH800 bucket elevator chains (Φ26) are rarely used and will not be repeated here.

2. NE plate chain is generally divided into NE15 bucket elevator chain, NE30 bucket elevator chain, NE50 bucket elevator chain, NE100 bucket elevator chain, NE150 bucket elevator chain, NE200 bucket elevator chain, NE300 bucket elevator chain, NE400 bucket elevator chain and other specifications.

3. After purchasing the bucket elevator, there are usually boxes, chains, hoppers and many other accessories that are transported to the site to be installed.

Of course, some preparatory work must be done before the installation of the bucket elevator chain. What to do before the installation of the bucket elevator has been answered in detail before, and I will not repeat it here. Here I will focus on the bucket elevator chain and hopper. The installation process:

1. After the bucket elevator chain and other casings are installed, install the chain and other hoppers. ①The chain and hopper of the hoist of the round link chain need to be connected with U-shaped screws. It is not only the joint of the chain but also the fixed part of the hopper. The connection must be firm and not loose.

②The installation of NE plate chain is relatively simple. The NE15 bucket elevator is a single chain, and the plate chain and the hopper can be directly fastened together with bolts (there are fixed screw holes on the NE plate chain). Bucket elevators above NE30 They are all double chains. When installing, arrange the plate chains in parallel on both sides of the hopper, and tighten the chains and hoppers one by one with bolts on the left and right sides of the bucket elevator hopper.

2. After the chain and hopper are installed, the chain tension of the bucket elevator needs to be properly adjusted.

3. After the bucket elevator chain is installed, it needs to carry out the process of running empty. Be careful when running an empty car, do not reverse, and do not have bumps. The running time of the empty car should not be less than 2 hours, it is best not to overheat.

Fourth, the loading method of the bucket elevator chain hopper

There are currently two methods for the installation of bucket elevator chains and hoppers. One is to install the chain first, and then install the chain bucket. This method is generally used for the installation of small bucket elevators because of its light weight and low height. The other is combined installation. Install the chain bucket on the chain in advance and lift it at one time. This method is generally used for the installation of large bucket elevators, because large bucket elevators have wide chain buckets, heavy weight and high height. When installing the chain bucket, you must pay attention to the discharge direction of the bucket, and you must not install it wrong. On the other hand, we must pay attention to the danger of falling due to its own weight.

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