BTCC Lowers Fees and VIP Requirements with Major VIP Program Update

BTCC Lowers Fees and VIP Requirements with Major VIP Program Update

BTCC, one of the world’s pioneering and longest-running cryptocurrency exchanges, has recently announced a major update for its VIP program, further reducing trading fees for all VIP users and lowering the requirements for VIP tier upgrades. The updated VIP policies further improve profitability for BTCC’s most active traders and provide new incentives for high-frequency traders in the crypto landscape to switch to BTCC’s platform.

BTCC’s Rapidly Growing VIP Program

As part of BTCC’s 12th-year anniversary earlier this year, the brand launched an exciting VIP program to reward its high-net-worth and high-frequency trading users with benefits like trading fee reductions and premium customer support. This, along with a newcomers’ reward campaign that offered up to 10,055 USDT in rebates, has been a driving force behind the platform’s rapid increase in both active users and daily trade volume despite a relatively slow market. The continuous growth of BTCC’s VIP user population during a bear market is also a testament to its users’ confidence in the platform’s stability and reliability.

Further Reductions to Existing Low Fees

In just a few months since the program’s inception, BTCC has already announced further reductions to its VIP trading fees and entry requirements for higher VIP levels. During the recent update, BTCC slashed its maximum trading fee for VIP accounts from 0.065% to 0.045%, while minimum trading fees were reduced from 0.035% to 0.030%. This reduction in trading fees benefits VIP accounts in every tier, including newly acquired VIP users who have recently obtained their privileges. This significant reduction in maximum trading fees is especially lucrative for users that trade frequently and will act as a huge incentive for lower-tier users to seek an upgrade.

Easier VIP Tier Upgrade for Active Users

VIP requirements are also significantly reduced as users can now upgrade to the next level by meeting any one of its requirements. Previously, VIP users would have to meet both asset and trade volume requirements for the next tier before becoming eligible for a move up the pyramid. Now, they can move up and enjoy better VIP privileges simply by trading more or depositing more funds into their accounts. For example, a newly registered account can now upgrade to VIP5 by meeting the tier’s 5,000 USDT asset requirement and immediately enjoy the reduced trading fees before making a single trade or accumulating any trade volume.

Overall Competitiveness of BTCC’s VIP Program

Aside from the trading fee and promotion structure improvements, BTCC’s VIP program also offers enticing privileges such as premium customer support, birthday gifts, access to exclusive campaigns, and more. These existing privileges, along with the new and positive changes implemented in BTCC’s VIP program, give the platform yet another competitive advantage when it comes to attracting crypto traders of all experience levels.

Rejuvenated Growth for One of Crypto’s Oldest Brands

Low fees, industry-leading liquidity, a flawless security track record, and excellent customer service have always been the pillars of BTCC’s success over the years, but now we are seeing the brand take more ambitious steps in outperforming competitors in the crypto derivatives landscape. In addition to the recent improvements to its VIP program, BTCC has also started hosting weekly airdrops on its Twitter account to boost its social media presence and attract new users. BTCC clearly has its foot on the pedal, and we can expect to see even more exciting campaigns from one of crypto’s oldest exchanges in the coming months.

About BTCC

Founded in 2011, BTCC has been a vanguard in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. With a commitment to innovation and user trust, the exchange has consistently introduced features that set industry standards. As it steps into a new decade of operation, BTCC continues to strive for excellence and deliver unmatched value to its global user base.

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