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Bryan McCoy performs stunts with a passion and no fear

Bryan McCoy

When it comes to stunts, it’s very challenging for a regular person to attempt them without any fear. The reason is simple, we all have a lot to live for, and we need to understand how to do a stunt without being hurt. That can be hard to do for most of us, and that’s why it’s important to learn from experts. It’s never easy to achieve those things that you have in mind, but if you know how to do that wisely and what results to achieve, nothing will stand in your way. The truth is that as soon as you commit to growth and excellence, you always expand and reach the results you want. That’s what Bryan McCoy did!

Bryan McCoy was born in a family of racers, and his grandfather actually created the Uranium Speedway in their hometown. He was always around cars, danger and he pursued this dream with a passion. He knew that challenges would come all the time, especially in a field like racing or stunts. But since he was a big Evil Knievel fan, he always tried to perform stunts at home, and he continually did that trying to improve.

It was when he celebrated his 19th birthday when he realized that he needs to be astuntman, as that will be the dream career that will push his life to the next level. He went from his home to Albuquerque, and then he decided to go to Los Angeles. That was the place where he managed to meet more and more people interested in this industry. He never gave up, and he knew that the idea of doing stunts there would actually work in his best interest.

Bryan McCoy is the type of person that always tries to do more and more, and that’s why he decided to enter this field. As soon as he did that, he realized that he needs to find jobs in movies. He started as a stuntman in low budget movies, and he eventually got his SAG card that would allow him to be a professional stuntman. He then started to learn more and more skills that would allow him to be a very good stuntman. He went from simple things to the more complex, which would eventually allow him to reach the utmost success and growth that would be expected in this field.

After being a stuntman for many years, Bryan McCoy decided to create his own school named Real McCoy Stunts where he is teaching others how to become a stuntman, the things you need and how to overcome your fears. Yes, Bryan McCoy became an entrepreneur, while also following his dreams. It was definitely a challenge for him, but one of those things that really pushed him to the next level in this field. He never gave up to be a stuntman, and now he manages to see the success in all of that!

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