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Brownlow Medal 2022: How to Watch Online, TV Channel

Brownlow Medal 2022: How to Watch Online, TV Channel

The 2022 Charles Brownlow Medal Count will be on Sunday, 18 September, at 7:30 pm (AEST). Broadcasting will begin at 7:00 pm (AEST), beginning with the Virgin Australia Runway.

How to Watch

What is the Brownlow Medal?

The Brownlow Medal is an annual Australian football award given to the player who has been judged to have played the best single game of the season. The award was first given in 1924 and is named after Charles Brownlow, a former player, and administrator for the Victorian Football League (VFL).

The Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious awards in Australian football. It is voted on by the media and is not restricted to any particular position on the field. The award is usually given to the best player of the year, although there have been exceptions.

Some of the most memorable Brownlow Medal moments include Gary Ablett’s record-breaking performance in 2007, which led to him being awarded a three-time Brownlow Medal. Wayne Carey also holds the record for most consecutive votes (11) at the Brownlow Medal, which he achieved between 1994 and 1996.

Where to Watch the 2022 Brownlow Medal on TV?

Channel Seven has had exclusive television airing rights to the Brownlow Medal. This year will be no exception. The Brownlow Medal presentation and winners’ speech will be followed by their broadcast, which will start at 7 p.m. AEST and last until 11:30 p.m. AEST.

However, it may be available on 7mate in your area. Please verify your local guide for confirmation. Additionally, unlike most other AFL events, the Brownlow count will not be available to watch on Fox Footy.

How Much is a Brownlow Medal Worth in 2022?

The Brownlow Medal is one of the most prestigious awards that a player can receive in Australian sports. The medal is given to the player who has played the best season of football over the course of the year.

Each year, the voting body for the Brownlow Medal is composed of experts in each individual sport. They vote on who they believe has been the best player over the course of the season. The votes are then counted and the player with the most votes wins the award.

The value of a Brownlow Medal varies depending on how rare it is. However, on average, a Brownlow Medal is worth around A$3 million (US$2.7 million). This makes it one of the most expensive awards that a player can win in Australian sports.

How Many Winners Have Won 4 or More Times?

Many footballers dream of winning the Brownlow Medal, but few manage to do so. Here are the 10 winners who have won 4 or more times!

  1. Gary Ablett Jnr – 5 times
  2. Michael Jordan – 5 times
  3. Kevin Bartlett – 4 times
  4. Alan Jones – 4 times
  5. Wayne Carey – 4 times
  6. Steve Waugh – 3 times
  7. Adam Gilchrist – 3 times
  8. Steven Smith – 3 times
  9. Cameron Smith – 2 times
  10. Simon Blackley – 2 times

3 Greatest Brownlow Medal Moments

The Brownlow Medal is the highest honor that can be bestowed on a player in the Australian Football League (AFL). It is awarded to the player who has been adjudged to have played the best football over the season.

The Brownlow Medal has been awarded to many great players throughout its history, and here are 10 of the greatest Brownlow Medal moments.

  1. Gary Ablett Sr. – 1990

Gary Ablett Sr. was a standout player during his time with the Geelong Cats and he was also a key member of their 1990 premiership team. That year, he won the Brownlow Medal as the league’s best and fairest player.

  1. Leigh Matthews – 1983

Leigh Matthews was one of the most dominant players in AFL history and he won two Brownlow Medals during his career. He first won a medal in 1983 when he was playing for Melbourne Football Club. He later won it again while playing for Brisbane Bears in 1985.

  1. Kevin Bartlett – 1982

Kevin Bartlett was a versatile player who could play either on the wing or at full-back. That year, he won the Brownlow Medal as the league’s best and fairest player despite playing only 15.

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