Brook Taube Discusses the Health Benefits of Surfing

Brook Taube has been surfing for many years and finds the conventional perception of surfing and surfers changing. Fitness and overall health are increasingly the focus for amateurs and professionals alike. Surfing is uniquely challenging both physically and mentally. In fact, he believes it is one of the most beneficial hobbies an individual can pursue if they live near an ocean. Below are a few reasons why.

Health Benefits of Surfing

Brook Taube

Surfing Can Improve Your Health

Over the years, Brook B. Taube has found himself feeling stronger and more capable each time he goes surfing. That’s because this sport challenges many parts of the body, including a person’s balance and physical strength. Strength and balance are critical to surfing and beneficial, especially as we age. Upper body strength, lower body strength, and overall stability are critical for pursuing this sport at a high level.

The great thing about surfing, he says, is that your body naturally builds these muscles as you surf more. As a result, you not only become a better surfer but a healthier person as well. Even for beginners, the simple effort of learning to paddle and falling off your board help to build strength and train you to become a healthier and more capable person.

Beyond physical strength, Brook Taube notes that surfing can improve your cardiovascular health in many ways. For example, paddling out to the surf is a challenge, even for skilled surfers. The cardiovascular fitness required to paddle consistently and then surf a wave is enormous. In many ways, surfing is a better all-body workout than running, cycling, or other common cardiovascular activities. 

Beyond your physical health, though, surfing can also improve your mental health in several ways. All surfers experience the thrill of the ocean, whether on small or big waves. Endorphins are chemicals your body releases during exciting and happy moments. These chemicals boost your mood and can help fight depression, anxiety, and other negative emotions. For most, surfing proves valuable for overall mental health – all you need to do is ask a surfer how they feel as they get out of the water. No doubt, you will be met with a smile and some positive comments about the ocean, the waves, and their mood.

Perhaps more importantly, surfing increases your sense of accomplishment and builds strong social connections. Once you achieve even modest proficiency in this tough sport, you’ll be part of a community of laid-back and fun individuals who enjoy each other’s company. Brook Taube has found that becoming a surfer has broadened his network of friends and introduced him to a whole new world of people. All of these benefits make surfing an underrated sport that is worth pursuing if you want to improve your overall physical and mental health. 

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