BriteCore Wi-Fi Video Bulb Reviews: Does This Light Bulb Camera Really Work?

Having a home security system is a great way to offer yourself some peace of mind when people are away from home, whether it is for a few hours to run errands or while they are on vacation. Traditional security systems, however, cost a lot to install and typically cost money every month as well. An upcoming solution intends to lower the cost and simplify the installation of home security systems. These security lamps are an excellent purchase. These lights provide an ideal way to protect both your interior and outdoor property.

Though they may mimic more complicated CCTV systems, home security lamps are much less expensive and easier to set up and use. They are therefore perfect for anyone who wishes to strengthen the security of their home without hiring professionals.

Although BriteCore is known for its wide assortment of security bulbs, this WiFi bulb wins the prize for its utility and adaptability. This light bulb is not a common one. It features a strong design and a flatter appearance. Floodlights also make it a great choice for outdoor use. Additionally, the BriteCore light bulb has night vision, which allows for clear seeing in complete darkness. Get BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb For The Most Discounted

What is a BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb?

For property and liability insurers, BriteCore is a fully-managed core software platform that enables digital transformation, emerging technologies, and new business models. In addition to policy administration, claims management, underwriting guidelines, and rating, BriteCore also provides end-to-end insurance features such as agent quotation and inquiry, contact management, invoicing, imaging, printing, data warehousing, and reporting.

BriteCore is a continuously updated, cloud-native solution that utilizes Amazon Web Services for optimum security, effectiveness, and durability at scale. With the help of BriteCore, insurance carriers, MGAs, and InsurTechs may achieve a competitive edge through effective operations, engaging customer experiences, and quick time to market.  Buy WIFI Smart Home Bulb Camera For A Very Special Price

How does BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb work?

The front and back doorways are the ideal locations for BriteCore Wi-Fi Video Bulb since they are where the greatest home surveillance begins. To install it, users simply need to twist it into any light bulb base. BriteCore is powered by this link, enabling it to move and record. The motion tracking sensor follows along with anyone who might move, allowing the bulb to rotate up to 360 degrees and giving the user the finest possible view of what is going on at all times.

The entire thing was captured in 1080p HD quality. The app allows users to view the footage while it is happening and provides them the opportunity to capture what they observe.

Even while recording at night, the scene is in full color. These cameras, in contrast to some security systems, have two-way communication, enabling the user to talk directly to the speaker as rapidly as a visitor can react.

To access this material, this device establishes a connection with the user’s Wi-Fi services. Users must download the accompanying free app, which enables them to connect wirelessly for constant camera control.


There are several cutting-edge features in BriteCore. It provides a fully integrated security solution for your mobile phone by simply screwing it into the base of a regular light bulb. These bulbs are reliable, brilliant, inexpensive, and require little upkeep. What makes this lightbulb unique from others is as follows:

  • The wide-angle lens on BriteCore can rotate 360 degrees and offers bright, clear night vision.
  • On a mobile device, anyone may view HD video in real-time and choose to record it.
  • The sophisticated tracking system keeps track of the target’s every move.
  • Its contemporary design makes it appropriate for areas that experience regular tremors. The base’s snug fit keeps dirt and moisture out of the contact sites.
  • It is simple to install and much simpler to use the BriteCore WiFi Bulb. For best results, connect the light bulb to an electrical socket and point it in your direction.


Wi-Fi capability: 

The built-in Wifi feature of Video Bulb makes it simple for users to set up and retrieve footage through the cam cloud. Customers can connect the device to their phones for round-the-clock smartphone monitoring.

Standard E27 screw-type bottom:

BriteCore wifi uses the standard E27 screw-type bottom. The E27 screw on the Video Bulb allows users to quickly install it for surveillance. It fits in a light socket and has a conventional bulb design.

High-quality night vision:

The security system offers full-color night vision to improve sharpness and clarity in visibility both during the day and at night—high-quality recording.

Two-way communication:

Customers have complete control over the film coverage from their mobile phones thanks to two-way communication. The user’s smartphones are compatible with the cam cloud capability. They make it simple for customers to observe the entire room from every aspect by controlling the BriteCore wifi Video Bulb.

Motion tracking and monitoring: 

The BriteCore wifi Video Bulb’s designer equipped it with movement sensors so that users would receive warnings in the event of motion. To inform customers of movement in real-time, the security system also activates with a motion. The sophisticated tracking device records footage and locks on intruders after sensing movement.

Where to Buy WIFI Smart Home Bulb Camera?

The only place to buy BriteCore WiFi Bulb is from the official website. People agree to the terms and conditions specified by placing an order. By clicking the “buy now” button, they will sign up for an auto-ship service. Customers can buy the BriteCore WiFi Bulb at only $7.97. However, they will be signed up for the Bargain Deals Warehouse program and charged $84.45 a month for their subscription after 48 hours.

Final Verdict:

The new WiFi security lamp from BriteCore is reasonably priced and functions almost as well as more expensive security bulbs. Anyone wishing to boost their home security should consider it because of its affordable cost. The BriteCore WiFi bulb can connect to your home’s WiFi network and is just as bright as any other security bulb. By doing this, a person can turn the light on and off at specific periods from anywhere in his home. The effectiveness of the BriteCore WiFi Bulb has been praised by everyone who has used it. This product is seen as a blessing by many people. The BriteCore WiFi Bulb provides a soft, pleasant light. Simply put, it offers an excellent technique to prevent burglaries at a reasonable cost. Visit BriteCore Wifi Video Bulb Official Website Here

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