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BRISE, BEFE, and CENX: Your Essential Crypto Investments as Prices Skyrocket

Now that crypto experts everywhere are convinced that “altseason” is upon us, investors are looking for the right altcoin to back in this cycle. 

Bitcoin’s price has been rising and dropping which is when altcoins truly start shining, experts believe. These patterns are often observed pre-halving. After Bitcoin’s halving is when the narrative shifts toward alts so now might be the best time for you to pick the altcoin you’re going to bet on this cycle.

BRISE, BEFE and CENX have managed to make significant waves despite being a few months old. Let us take a look at them to see if the hype is legit or not.


The team behind Centcex has proven experience of building, deploying and updating industry leading products in the crypto space. 

The current Centcex price today is $0.000556 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $76,223.05 USD. 

Centcex aims to be involved in the development and scaling of Bitgert, BNB Chain, opBNB, and Ethereum with decentralized applications.


Bitgert ecosystem continues to evolve and mature and its exceptional tokenomics elements will likely continue to be key drivers in the valuation of the BRISE.

Bitgert boasts a processing power of 100,000 transactions per second and near zero gas fee.

The current Bitgert price today is $0.0000001635 with a 24-hour trading volume of $2,203,763.


Memecoins continue to be a major rage this cycle and BEFE has managed to make its mark in this competitive space within a few months. Early investors of BEFE walked away with 200%+ gains. 

The current BEFE price today is $0.000226 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $344,378. BEFE is down 11.30% in the last 24 hours, minor corrections which are to be expected before the price surges. Willing to eat the dip?

With a market cap of $51M, BEFE is standing strong. While you can find BEFE on both BSC and Ethereum chain right now, you’ll soon find SBEFE on SOL. 

BEFE is on the path to become the next memecoin king.


Investors are rushing to find the next big thing in crypto to make their millions. With the halving just 5 days away, altcoins are expected to see impressive gains. 

BRISE, BEFE and CENX can be interesting additions to your portfolio.   

Which altcoin will you be betting on this altcoin season? Don’t forget to DYOR!

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