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Bringing Their A Game Under Bear Market -“The 8immortals” NFT

Entertainment Industry’ New Advocate

Having won international awards such as the Golden Melody Award, the German Red dot design award, and the iF DESIGN AWARD, and created the MV works of well-known Asian Superstars such as Mayday and Jolin Tsai who sold millions of records over the years, the famous director Muh Chen launched “The 8immortals” NFT project in 2022, aiming to integrate the resources of filming, music, design and cultural industries accumulated over the years under the brand “GrassJelly.” After long-standing experiences with top-tier enterprises such as Pepsi, Nike, and Sony on video production, now he introduces innovative business models and new applications of Web3 metaverse to the Chinese Entertainment Industry where he sets to be the pioneer of the coming new era. This has aroused great attention in the market not to mention the first wave of 888 NFTs was sold out in March, and the second wave of 888 unique “The 8immortals” NFTs will be available at the end of July.

(The 8immortals NFT project in 2022, aims to integrate the resources of filming, music, design, and cultural industries accumulated over the years under the brand “GrassJelly” The second wave will be available at the end of July )

Oriental Value and Artistic Rarity in the Market

“The 8immortals” NFT graphics are both trendy and playful, combining the ancient beliefs of the 8immortals with modern pop culture symbols. Upon release, the project received support from celebrities such as Mayday, BAYC Early Holder Machi Big Brother, David from ACE Exchange, and other big names. The project’s founder, director Muh Chen, has been influenced by ritual practices and temple culture since childhood and envisions bringing Eastern traditional elements into the metaverse/NFT world. So we may find a lot of Eastern and Western features mixed in the creation.

(8immortals NFT series features the blending of the Eastern & Western styles)

Not Just an NFT but a lot More and Fun

As a representative project in the NFT market with the mission of upgrading the Chinese Entertainment Industry, the “8immortals” NFT series are not only collectible but also value the utilities in the design of the project structure. In the newly announced roadmap 3.0, the concept of the extra utilities and unlocking Free Mint accessories are revealed for the first time. “The 8immortals” NFT takes great importance to community awareness, and these adjustments were made concerning the suggestions provided by AMA participants. The first wave of 888 NFT holders are the OGs, followed by the second to tenth waves of good men and women, and if any of the OGs holds a complete series of the first 888 NFTs, they will become “GrassJelly” VVIPs directly.

In addition to the basic utilities such as the commercial right of using the PFPs that all holders share, the project offers three major extra utilities, namely, community co-creation plus offline activities, “The 8immortals” Metaverse, and rewards from the internationally renowned comic book master, Mr. Chen Uen’s adapted drama series project, corresponding to the icons of an incense burner, an inscribed board, and an amulet in order. OGs can get the extra utilities by direct airdrop, while good men and women have to buy them separately, and VVIPs have additional surprising offline utilities on top of that! Holders can decide which utilities they like the most, providing the chance to own the NFT at a lower cost. Once 80% of the second wave of 888 NFTs are sold, Free Mint accessories will be unlocked, and OGs will receive different levels of “The 8immortals” Temple, while good men and women will receive different levels of offertory boxes. Once the two are added together, the “The 8immortals Token” minting mechanism will be activated, and there will be many functions for holding “The 8immortals Token” awaiting official disclosure.

Don’t Miss OUT

The next celebrity guest of “The 8immortals” community will bring you a surprise by inviting the award-winning and famous designer in Asia, Aaron Nieh, to talk to the fans in person. The second wave of “The 8immortals” NFT will launch a crossover limited edition, together with Aaron Nieh, Web3’s internationally renowned 3D project team “Bad Face Robot BFBS” and last but not least the famous project team “Fomo Dog”.

(Limited Co-branding Edition with Bad Face Bots )

For the white lists and first-hand information, please refer to the “The 8immortals” Discord community and official website.

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