Bringing the Music Industry Back to its Roots: KICK.IO Hosts the Vilvi IDO

KICK.IO Hosts the Vilvi IDO

If you were around during the days when vinyl albums were the primary way to listen to music, then you’ve surely seen how immensely the music industry has changed. Back in the day, you had to be dedicated to your favorite artists to go out and buy their records. Compare that to today where you can stream music for free.

While this is convenient for the listener, it has made creating music downright unprofitable for many artists due to the tiny payments they get out of streaming services.

Vilvi (Virtually Vinyl) promises to change that and is pioneering the use of NFTs in the music industry, ensuring that artists can get their just due without making music harder to access. Due to the scarcity inherent in NFTs, we can go back to a world where digital items replace the vinyl records of the old days.

By buying one of these NFTs, much like a collectible album sleeve of the past, fans can get a piece of history related to their favorite artists. The best part is that these NFTs can be resold, and every time one of them is resold, the original artist gets a cut of the proceeds, allowing them to essentially make royalties off of the sales.

Since all of the accounting is done on the blockchain, it also means that everything is visible, so artists won’t have to worry about a label not holding up their side of the deal. It also means that releasing physical music isn’t as difficult, which allows more artists to get into vinyl. This also helps artists get their work out in developing countries where streaming may not be as popular.

At KICK.IO, we recently announced that Vilvi will be the next project featured on our launchpad. We couldn’t be more thrilled. Our Cardano-powered launchpad is designed to give the community power over funding the projects that they think will be the most successful. Let’s go over some of the details of the Vilvi sale, including the number of tokens available and their start and end dates.

Vilvi Pre-Public Sale on KICK.IO

The Vilvi pre-public sale is available exclusively to the KICK.IO community. The sale starts on January 17, 2022 at 12:00 UTC, and it will end on January 28, 2022 at 12:00 UTC. We’ve already seen plenty of interest from both the Vilvi and KICK.IO communities. If you like the idea of supporting Vilvi, be sure to note down when the sale starts and be prepared for it.

  • Ticker: VLV
  • Price for seed round: $0.04 USD
  • Price for IDO round: $0.06 USD
  • KYC: Yes
  • Public Sale Start Date: 2022-1-17 12:00 UTC
  • Public Sale End Date: 2022-1-28 12:00 UTC
  • Total token supply: 190,000,000.00
  • Available for sale: 9,500,000.00
  • Hard Cap: $ 475,000.00
  • Payment Option: ADA

Vesting Schedule for the IDO: 

Seed Round: 6 month lock up with 15% releasing per month. 

IDO Round: 5 month lock up with 20% releasing per month.

In order to participate in the endorsement system for seed round, 10 000 KICK has to be staked in one of the locked pools.


KICK.IO is a Cardano-based fundraising platform and project accelerator, designed to provide transparent, efficient, and fully decentralized crowdfunding services. KICK.IO is set to mature into a cornerstone of the new Cardano-dominated DeFi landscape, becoming the place where Cardano’s extensive community can come together to fund projects characterized by the immense potential for future success.

Our next-generation decentralized launchpad will be built according to the best DeFi industry practices, ensuring real-time settlement, top-notch security, interoperability, true decentralization, zero counterparty risk, while also being fully scalable to meet the needs of institutional investors. Unlike our competitors, we offer full support of Cardano native tokens and a suite of advanced DeFi tools that upcoming projects need to thrive and prosper.

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