Bringing Cryptocurrency to the Banking World with Asseta.

Commercial banks, investment companies, and other financial institutions; these were the only major ways transactions and exchanges of monetary value could be carried out, but things have changed!

The blockchain technology has seen many industries evolving and finding unique ways to incorporate blockchain into their operations. But now, something different is happening! What if the whole banking sector was introduced to the Blockchain technology? This thought has led to the development of the Asseta platform.

How Asseta is Introducing Borderless Crypto Banking

Founded in 2016, Asseta is basically the future of banking and they are definitely not standing down. Based in the European Union and being blockchain-based, the Asseta platform is here to adequately meet the needs of individuals around the world that are open to new innovative inventions and will opt for making use of banking services that are secure, reliable, and easy-to-use.

The Asseta platform uses the Blockchain technology to build an ecosystem consisting of individuals that have free access to both the traditional banking services and those of the future. It is more of a futuristic platform and its taking the global banking sector to a new world. This makes the platform a go-to when anyone around the world wants to carry out any banking transaction or operations.

How Asseta Operates

Using the Ethereum Blockchain as the base of operation, Asseta utilises smart contracts to carry out transactions and exchanges within its space. With this, users have access to liquidity, security with transactions, easy currency transfer and exchange, low fees, insurance, all-round access to funds, and simple withdrawals and deposits, all on a friendly interface.

The Asseta platform acts as a digital bank where modern financial services like investments, payments, loans, insurance, and even those involving cryptocurrencies, are carried out at a low cost and notwithstanding the geographical location of the parties involved. The platform is able to do all of these by acquiring and making use of banking licenses in strategic provinces around the world, and also by taking part in a number of payment networks.

Services Offered by Asseta

Being a unique platform, Asseta offers services like:

  • Money transfer,
  • Receiving payments and payment requests,
  • Exchange of currency,
  • Simple withdrawal and deposits and;
  • Insurance

The Asseta Roadmap

Every platform operating on the Blockchain technology has to have its own in-app utility coin and Asseta is not left out. The platform uses an ERC-20 called the AST token, and with this token, users can have full access to all the features of the platform. The only cryptocurrency accepted on the platform is Ether, but other fiat currencies like EUR and USD are accepted also.

The AST token journey started with an ICO that lasted from February 2, 2018, till February 28, during which 10,000 ETH and 30,000 ETH were set as the soft cap and hard cap respectively, and tokens that were not sold were destroyed by Ethereum’s smart contract automatically. During this ICO period, 1 ETH was valued at 1000 AST.

In Conclusion

The world of banking has been hit by a wave, and that is the Asseta platform. Now anyone from any part of the world can get access to both traditional and future banking services all on the Asseta platform using the AST token.


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