Bringing Banking, Crypto, Trading, And Investment Services Into One Ecosystem; Interview With Daniele Casamassima Founder Of Pure.

Daniele Casamassima

In 2021, Daniele Casamassima, a finance and trading professional, created Pure. – a unique ecosystem bringing banking, crypto, trading, and investment services together in a single app. We’ve sat down with Daniele to discuss the goals and features of the platform, as well as the influence of the current geopolitical situation on the wide adoption of crypto assets.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. What is your backstory, and how did you come up with the idea of Pure? 

I entered the trading industry very young. I’ve always had a passion for trading, and I got my first job in a bank in Milan when I was 21. Now, in 2022, I have 15 years of experience in the industry. I’ve worked for different banks, Forex Brokers, and investment companies in Italy, the UK, and Cyprus. 

In 2016, I decided to open my own Forex Broker and it was then that the idea of Pure. began to take shape.

What is Pure., and what does it aim to achieve?

Pure. started as an international Forex and CFDs broker. Since then, we have expanded our services to include payments, money management, and digital asset exchange.

Today, Pure. is a unique ecosystem built alongside 5 regulated European entities. We aim to create the “all in” platform for investors, and we’re working to achieve this vision by giving them access to the most useful financial instruments all within our app.

Who is your main audience – and what benefits and financial instruments do they get access to by becoming your clients?

All users between 18-60 that want a centralized platform with 100% control of their investments and finances can find it on Pure.. In a nutshell, we’re offering a way to trade crypto on a European-regulated exchange while keeping it simple. 

Our clients get access to multi-currency accounts for receiving transfers and arranging SEPA payments, crypto wallets, as well as exchange with super-low spreads where they can buy, store, and convert their fiat to crypto, without having to leave our app.

We have more features and services coming before the end of this year, such as a crypto card, crypto earn program, portfolio management, and more. 

How does Pure. differ from other crypto trading and investing platforms? What is your competitive edge?

I’m proud to say we are unique. There is no other platform on the market offering all of these services in one. 

Pure. is positioned as an online alternative to traditional bank accounts, but there’s still a fair amount of skepticism and critique on crypto. What are the main reasons for this, and how can these be overcome to adapt to crypto payments at scale?

The main problem with crypto is that it is difficult to use it for everyday payments. Until that changes, we cannot say that cryptocurrencies are a true medium of exchange. Our ecosystem aims to prove that crypto assets are real money, that they can be used for investing, trading, and everyday purchases. When all obstacles are removed, crypto will finally be considered a valid alternative to a currency.

What products and services are you planning to introduce in the future to meet tomorrow’s demand?

We’re looking forward to three new products at the beginning of April. First, we’re going to launch a crypto card, which will allow making payments in crypto within the Pure. app. It will allow users to maximize their investment by converting only the amount they need right now. Second, we’ll enable trading on FX, CFDs on indices, stocks, ETFs, metals, and commodities. Users will be able to trade within Pure. App, on the web and terminal platform, or MT5, the most used trading platform CFDs. And third, we’ll be presenting a crypto earn program with flexible 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month investment plans.

In mid-April, users will get access to portfolio management. We will offer a list of strategies to assist our users in investing and tracking their investment from our app, as well as different portfolios with various risk levels. 

And finally, on May 15th, we will launch an account and card service. It will allow our clients to open a euro Iban and a euro card to utilize for their salaries, expenses, and use as an ordinary euro bank account — with a bonus that it will be connected to the crypto, trading, and investment parts of the app so they can monitor everything from one place.

We are also focused on alternative investments. In that vein, we are planning to introduce wine, art, watches, and real estate investments.

Do you think the current geopolitical political situation will push forward the adoption and development of cryptocurrencies? What are the possible scenarios? 

The current geopolitical situation has shown the vulnerabilities of traditional finance. It’s clear that as long as governments can access and control our funds, people won’t have the financial freedom many yearn for today. With cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, we finally get an alternative to the negatives of traditional fiat, as well as new instruments for storing, managing, and multiplying our assets. As the usage of crypto increases, we will gradually move into a more free system, while smart regulations will set the rules of the game, bring more trust to the space, and contribute to mass adoption.

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