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Bring Attention To Your Candy Brand With Custom Stand-Up Pouches

Packaging can be the make-or-break element to your marketing in any sales niche, but it is especially important when it comes to food. If you can make the customer hungry for your product, you’ve got a very high chance of encouraging a purchase, and that means a lot when you work with prepared foods like snacks and other ready-to-eat items.

Since you often don’t know how the product will be displayed, flexible packaging is also a must-have, and designs that provide several display options have become very popular. Stand-up pouches are the hot choice right now because they can be made from ecologically friendly material like mylar, they let you display the wares in many different ways, and when they are on a standard shelf, they provide the same visibility advantages as boxed packaging in a more cost and space-effective format.

Literally Stand Out With the Competition

Candy is one of the snack niches with almost endless competition, so catching the eye of a customer who is browsing shelves means being able to show something special. That’s part of the reason both the packaging and the food itself are so colorful and fun. When you use stand up pouch packaging, you provide stores with a flexible and attention-grabbing way to set your product apart. Stand-up packages bring your entire graphic design up to the customer’s natural sight line so they notice it before competitor packaging that lies flat on the shelf and requires deliberate attention.

Attract Candy Consumers With Visuals

Once you have the product in the customer’s natural line of sight, the next step is designing graphics that draw more attention and provide information. Colorful product pictures, messaging, and your logo are all a big part of that. This is where custom printed stand up pouches really excel, because instead of simply showing the candy itself or relying on basic graphics, you can go all out with your best and brightest design. Today’s digital printing processes allow for practically any text or pictures you want to add in vibrant, rich colors that have photographic accuracy to the originals. That means you can do more with every surface, rather than sticking to an old-fashioned label.

Keep Candy Fresh

Today’s stand-up pouches are often resealable, which is another advantage for customers. If you provide packaging that makes it easy to have a bite here or there without having to choose between over-indulging and sacrificing freshness, it’s a lot easier for customers to say yes. This can also encourage prospective buyers to opt for larger sizes that last longer, which is a great advantage over your competition when they only have single-serving packages.

No matter what you make, the right packaging makes a big difference to your bottom line. As you plan your next packaging update or new product launch, make sure you work with professionals who really understand today’s top food packaging trends. That way you can stand out while delivering a superior experience, drawing in new customers and converting them to regulars in one sale. 

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