Brightwork Health IT Launches SPARC Academy to Help Healthcare Organizations Streamline EHR Training

Backed by innovative new technology and industry-leading subject matter experts, SPARC Academy delivers on-demand, asynchronous EHR training.

Brightwork Health IT (Brightwork), an IT consultancy that helps healthcare organizations with large IT implementations, digital transformation initiatives, and technical resources, has unveiled SPARC Academy. The on-demand, asynchronous training solution was developed to help healthcare organizations train employees on how to utilize their electronic health record (EHR) environments quickly and efficiently. Backed by industry-leading subject matter experts and innovative new technology, SPARC Academy delivers engaging, customized training experiences that enable users to learn from anywhere and at any time.

“Training staff on how to properly use EHR software is critical for patient care,” said Shannan Epps, Founder, and CEO of Brightwork Health IT. “However, in working with some of the country’s largest health systems, we discovered that many were hamstrung by costly, resource-constraining training solutions that weren’t relevant to their specific EHR implementation. SPARC Academy addresses this problem by offering an eLearning product that’s cost-effective, flexible, and custom tailored for each organization’s specific EHR deployment.”

SPARC Academy is a first-of-its-kind asynchronous training solution that enables healthcare professionals to receive EHR training more easily. Through SPARC Academy, training is made available to users at their own pace and can be accessed from anywhere, at any time. And the benefits of this approach are clear. An on-demand, asynchronous training approach promotes efficiency and employee empowerment, resulting in added affordability, agility, and usability.

“Although SPARC Academy’s training sessions are automated, they are also completely customized,” said Tabitha Lieberman, President, of EHR and Healthcare Applications at Brightwork Health IT. “Even though some training information is universal, SPARC Academy understands that training works best when programs and materials are specifically tailored for each facility. Each new training program is curated individually, for each organization, by Brightwork Health IT’s project team in collaboration with the client’s HR department, in-house trainers, management, and other stakeholders.” 

SPARC Academy’s subject matter experts work alongside client teams to better understand a facility’s operations, policies, and procedures. This information is then used to create a dynamic, visually enhanced educational program that includes simulations, animations to engage trainees, comprehensive quizzes designed to measure knowledge and understanding, live support, and much more. 

SPARC Academy improves learning with:

  • Instructional designers and EHR experts with real-world experience.
  • Completely customized, asynchronous learning.  
  • Skilled developers that build and maintain programs and digital content. 
  • On-demand availability.
  • Integration with learning management systems and other tools.
  • Dynamic, engaging content that prepares users for real-life scenarios.


Traditional, in-person training isn’t always an efficient or sustainable option. As healthcare workers have experienced during the pandemic, unpredictable changes in public health, busy schedules, and high demand for healthcare have created a difficult environment for traditional training. SPARC Academy was built to mitigate roadblocks to effective training while also enhancing, and in some instances replacing, in-person training. The result of this is a staff that has a true understanding of EHR procedures, protocols, and real-life scenarios. SPARC Academy enables trainees to receive top-of-the-line training, provides an in-depth educational resource, and allows teams to continue learning.

Launched in 2017, Brightwork is a trusted healthcare consultancy and premier Epic implementation partner. With an eye on optimizing technologies, modernizing workflows, and transforming infrastructure, Brightwork illuminates the path forward and ensures organizations are ready for the right now—and for all that comes next. SPARC Academy is the first of several new products the firm has in its queue. Brightwork’s customers include Kaiser Permanente, Summa Health, Pacific Medical Centers, Multicare, and SE Alaska Regional Health Consortium.

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