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Bridging the World with Live Streams: Hanan Naeem’s Vision as CEO of OneStream Live

My journey from the classrooms of Aalto University to the founder of OneStream Live weaves through unexpected turns and challenging leaps, all fueled by a singular belief in the power of connection through live streaming. Born from my experiences across continents, from the academic halls in Finland to the dynamic tech landscape, this belief has shaped our mission at OneStream Live. We are here to do more than just stream videos; we are here to create a world where every story, no matter where it begins, can be shared far and wide. This is the heart of our work: crafting tools and spaces that bring us all a little closer, one live stream at a time.

The Genesis of a Live Streaming Revolution

From Pakistan to Finland: The Foundation of a Future CEO

Embarking on the journey to establish OneStream Live, I carried more than just a vision for a live streaming platform. This vision was about creating connections, breaking down barriers, and empowering voices across the globe. Securing a scholarship for a Master’s in Telecommunications Engineering in Finland marked the first of many leaps out of my comfort zone. This journey was not just about acquiring technical skills but about learning to navigate new cultures, languages, and the unpredictable waves of life. These early experiences laid the groundwork for my professional ethos, teaching me the value of adaptability and embracing change—principles that later became my cornerstones as the founder of OneStream Live. 

The Leap from Ericsson to Entrepreneurship

After years of growth and learning at Ericsson, a secure and promising path lay before me. Yet, the entrepreneur inside yearned for more—the chance to innovate, to disrupt, and to lead a venture that could bridge the world with live video streaming marketing. The decision to leave was not easy. Founding OneStream Live was a leap of faith, especially without a safety net and while balancing family commitments. But it was driven by a vision: a world where live streaming makes global communication seamless and accessible.

It required me to embrace the unpredictability of entrepreneurship, a decision that has since unfolded into an incredible journey with OneStream Live. Starting with just three people, we have grown into a vibrant team of 50, each dedicated to redefining the meaning of live streaming services and content creator tools.

OneStream Live: Revolutionizing Live Streaming

As the founder of OneStream Live, when we launched our live streaming platform, the goal was straightforward yet ambitious: to make live streaming so easy and accessible that our grandmas could do it.

This was not merely about harnessing technology for broader reach; it was about understanding and facilitating the human desire to connect, to be seen, and to be heard. Live streaming, in its essence, is a medium that personifies immediacy and intimacy, bringing disparate worlds into a shared space. This philosophy has guided every step of our journey at OneStream Live, from the initial concept to the continuous innovation and expansion of our live streaming services.

The Early Days and the Vision

In the beginning, challenges were plentiful. The live streaming industry was fragmented, with high entry barriers for individuals and businesses looking to stream a video. Our vision was clear from the start: to lower these barriers and democratize live streaming, making it a tool for anyone creating content for social media, not just the technologically savvy or well-resourced. As the founder of OneStream Live, this vision was not just about live streaming services; it was about creating a platform where every user, regardless of their technical ability or financial resources, could share their story with the world through online video streaming.

Key Milestones in OneStream Live’s Live Streaming Journey

Our journey has been marked by continuous innovation and expansion. From the early days of integrating with cloud storage in 2018 to launching the comprehensive OneStream Studio in 2021, each milestone has been a step towards making live streaming more intuitive, powerful, and accessible for anyone creating content for social media.

  • 2024: In 2024, OneStream Live introduced Release 8.0.6, marking a pivotal year with substantial updates to our platform and Studio. This release featured significant enhancements in Team Management and a user-friendly Embed On Web experience. The Studio updates, including Guest Authentication, Portrait Mode, and Circular Layouts, further established OneStream Live as a frontrunner in innovative live streaming solutions.
  • 2023: Marked by significant infrastructural expansions, we extended our server capabilities across continents, from South Africa to Singapore and Sydney, ensuring smoother, more reliable live stream services for users worldwide. This year, we also saw the revolutionary revamp of our web app, which came with amazing new features like a universal embed player, permanent vs. unique stream key, embed chat, multiple video uploads, and more.
  • 2022: This was a year of community engagement, with the introduction of Live Spaces and the Studio coming out of Beta, enhancing the content creator tools available to our users. It was also a year where we focused on making our live streaming platform more inclusive, providing free access to all tools for our users, and democratizing the ability to stream a video.
  • 2021: From launching our blog domain to introducing Live Unified Chat, the Embed Player, and ABR, every step we took was in service of our community. Our live streaming platform’s evolution, including features like Real-Time Streaming and integration with major social media platforms, reflected our commitment to providing comprehensive live stream solutions for creating content for social media.

Our platform’s evolution reflects a deep understanding of our users’ needs, shaping features that enable anyone to stream a video easily, regardless of their technical expertise. These milestones are not just markers of growth but a testament to our dedication to breaking down barriers in the live streaming industry. With each new feature, server expansion, and community event, we moved closer to a world where live streaming is a universal tool for connection and storytelling.

Concluding Thoughts

As the founder of OneStream Live, I reflect on this journey—from the seeds of an idea to leading a pioneering live streaming platform—and am reminded daily of the resilience, innovation, and vision required to tread the path of entrepreneurship. My story, marked by continuous learning and stepping out of my comfort zone, is not unique to me but is shared by every dreamer looking to make an impact.

My mission as the founder of OneStream Live extends beyond facilitating live streaming services; it is about spearheading a live streaming revolution. My vision was always clear: democratizing live streaming services, allowing anyone to share their story, regardless of their technical know-how or geographic location. As we continue to shape the future of live streaming, I hope to inspire others by example—to show that with vision, courage, and a willingness to embrace challenges, making a significant impact is possible.

About Hanan Naeem

Hanan is the CEO and Co-Founder of OneStream.Live. A tech geek at heart with exceptional industry hindsight, he is passionate about fostering a paradigm shift in the live-streaming industry.

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