Brickblock – Revolutionizing the Real Estate and Assets Investment Market

Brickblock is more than just an idea; it is a digital revolutionary asset trading platform that addresses the volatility of Bitcoin investment by reducing the risks that investors encounter when investing in real estate property in real life. The Brickblock platform allows global investing of cryptocurrency into real estate on three major fund platform namely: exchange-traded fund, ETFs, real estate funds, REFs, and coin traded funds, CTFs without first exchanging it to fiat currency which reduces the ordering and issuing fee to a fraction of the traditional cost and with no geographical restrictions on investment or investing there is less counterparty risk involved for investors in the real estate business.

The Brickblock Token, BBK

The Brickblock final sale offering is currently ongoing, it started May 9th, 2018 and it is ending May 15th, 2018. The Brickblock token, BBK is an ERC20 compliant token and has a hard cap of $50 million for the crowdsale and a total supply of about 450 million for both the potential and circulatory supply. The company is giving 75.5 million tokens for sale at a price of $0.60. The token sale is for 7 days or once its hard cap is achieved.

Brickblock uses smart contract and token to achieve safe and secure investing through the use of PoA, proof of asset token. There are three types of tokens used on the Brickblock platform.

  •    The access tokens: this is a token that attracts a fee of 0.5% from brokers and fund managers to list their funds or pay transaction related fees on the Brickblock platform. The token is destroyed after each use.
  •    The Brickblock token: the BBK token are used to generate access token will be released during the crowdsale. The ability to mine these token gives them their value.
  •    The Proof of Asset token: these are smart contract proof of ownership over a fund asset.

How the Brickblock works?

The Brickblock work in three easy steps, which are:

  •    Investors buy property and shares in real time using the ERC20 token
  •    The buyer receives a Proof of ownership which is a legal representation of owning a property in real life
  •    Earn passive income from the profits generated from the property bought and your share of the profit will be sent to your Ethereum address

The Brickblock has good potential, and the choice of investing in real estate or cryptocurrency with a team of technical expect makes it a viable investment. Investors can buy into the ongoing sale now and expect good ROI.

Some risks involved are the 3 token-based system makes rather intricate for new users whom might not have the patience to study the details. The team based in Gibraltar and Germany has their products compliant with the EU laws and regulation but might have problems in other geographies. The competition in cryptocurrencies in the financial sector means they have to bring a lot to the table to stay afloat.

What You Should do

Brickblock is the first platform to tokenize the real estate world by issuing token share with which investors can secure a property and get paid to do it. It is still a new project but experts predict good things for Brickblock. Vist the website, invest in Real Estate, ETFs and Coin Funds by getting the BBK Token.

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