Breaking Language Barriers with Innovative AI-Powered Learning Solutions

“Molding innovations to elevate human experiences is the real revolution,” muses Andrew Li, an expert in the technology and design industry. This reflection is a guiding light in our exploration of technology and design, where innovation and human experience intertwine to sculpt the future.

Li, the maestro behind Userly Labs, Inc., is at the intersection of design and technology, orchestrating innovations that resonate with the human essence. His journey, marked by exploration and entrepreneurship, illustrates design’s transformative impact on technology.

Exploring and Discovering the Intersection of Design and Technology

Li embarked on his journey at Carnegie Mellon University, delving into the fusion of design and technology. His exploration into domains such as human-computer interaction and interactive gaming earned him accolades and recognition. “Exploring emerging media opened my eyes to the boundless possibilities at the intersection of design and technology,” reflects Li.

The design expert’s career trajectory involved tech giants like Yext and Palantir, where Li gained insights and honed his product design and management skills. These experiences were stepping stones in his entrepreneurial venture, Userly Labs, Inc., a cutting-edge creative studio at the forefront of design consultancy and product innovation.

How Userly Labs Synchronizes Innovation and Design

Userly Labs embodies Li’s vision, a harmonious blend of innovation and design. It comprises two ventures: Userly.IO, a design consultancy service, and TalkBerry, an application aimed at enhancing English speaking fluency through customized virtual tutoring. “Userly Labs is a crucible of innovation, where ideas meld with design to create solutions that resonate with human experiences,” he states.

Userly.IO is a conduit for tech companies to elevate their business through premier design solutions. It aids them in navigating the intricate tapestry of product design and development, providing a platform for growth and innovation. TalkBerry, on the other hand, is a revolutionary language learning app in the EdTech sphere, offering gamified and realistic conversational practice experiences for English powered by generative AI technology.

A New Wave in Linguistic Learning with TalkBerry

TalkBerry is reshaping linguistic learning by integrating advanced generative AI technology, enabling human-like interactions, and making personalized speaking practice accessible and intuitive. “We are revolutionizing language learning by combining intuitive design with cutting-edge AI,” says Li. Users can practice spoken English in realistic scenarios with immediate responses from a virtual tutor, eliminating the need for physical immersion in English-speaking environments.

Li believed that feedback is crucial in language acquisition. TalkBerry emphasizes its role by providing insights into pronunciation, grammar, and authenticity as learners interact with the virtual tutor, fostering continuous engagement and progress. Li also collaborates with OpenAI, focusing on creating unique learning experiences and refining user experiences and course design, thanks to a startup grant received earlier.

He disclosed, “Collaborating with industry leaders like OpenAI allows us to focus on what we do best: creating a unique and effective learning experience.” This partnership allows the TalkBerry team to concentrate on refining user experience and course design, avoiding the costly and time-consuming task of training a large language model.

However, critics argue that relying on AI might diminish the value of human interaction and cultural immersion in language learning, essential aspects that AI can’t replicate, emphasizing the irreplaceable value of human interaction in learning languages.

A Visionary’s Touch

Navigating AI in educational tech involves addressing significant challenges. The key is adeptly using product design to tailor innovative AI technology to real-world learning needs. “The real challenge is shaping the groundbreaking technology into solutions that truly benefit students,” emphasizes Li.

Additionally, maintaining student motivation is crucial, and Li’s approach is to create a gamified learning experience focused on students’ needs, refining solutions through extensive global learner feedback. He shares, “We immerse ourselves in understanding the learner’s journey, applying a user-centered design philosophy, and refining our solutions through extensive interviews with learners worldwide.” 

The upcoming mobile product, recognized with the Good Design Award in Japan, incorporates gamified elements to enhance learning joy and engagement. By focusing on user needs and creating engaging experiences, Li’s team is tackling the varied challenges of educational tech.


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