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Breaking Down the Effectiveness of Influencer Marketing

As users of social media increase, brands have increasingly started to focus their efforts on social media marketing. Within this scope, influencer marketing has surfaced as one of the most effective marketing strategies. 89% of marketers agree that influencer marketing yields the best returns on investment as compared to other marketing channels, and 71% say that it brings traffic of improved quality as compared to other sources. The effectiveness of influencer marketing is undebatable, and the availability of sophisticated influencer marketing CRM now facilitates collaborations immensely. Let’s break down the significance of influencer marketing into four main reasons.

1. Reaches the Right People

In order to effectively gain customers, brands have to ensure their marketing efforts reach their target audience to begin with, and this can not be guaranteed easily. 

However, influencers have already amassed thousands of followers with similar preferences in particular niches. That is why finding influencers that fit within your brand is crucial to having successful influencer marketing campaigns. They have your target audience gathered neatly and can share content with them anytime.  

2. Consumers Trust Influencer Expertise

Social media users follow influencers because of their ability to create quality content. The skills of influencers in their respective content creation areas enable them to gather an audience and stay engaged with them. As internet users follow them through time, they begin to see and trust that expertise.

In fact, 88% of consumers say that they find online recommendations as trustworthy as personal ones. If influencers agree with your brand values and genuinely appreciate your products, their rapport with their audience can create loyal, long-term customers for your brand. Reviews and recommendations from experts who have gained the trust of their followers are bound to work better than simple advertisements. 

3. Seamless Integration of Ads Into Browsing Experience

Even if the interests of certain consumers lie in categories of products similar to your brand’s, you can not guarantee their attention on your advertisements.

Influencer marketing is unique in how it brings consumers to advertisements themselves, rather than the other way around. Not only does this give more control to the consumer, but it also makes sure that consumers actively take interest in the product being marketed. Exposure to information about your brand effortlessly becomes a part of their browsing experience.

4. Humans over Brands

In the end, brands are faceless entities to consumers. Humans tend to trust those they can build a connection. Bringing influencers into your marketing campaigns lets your products become integrated into individual stories, which add to their meaningfulness in the minds of consumers. On top of enhancing brand awareness, influencer marketing can make consumers feel connected to your brand.


The benefits of cultivating true partnerships with influencers are undeniable, which is why brands are building teams of influencers for their marketing campaigns. If your brand hasn’t launched its own campaign already, now is definitely the time to do so.  

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