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Breaking Barriers: The Inspiring Journey of Pradeep Raman

Pradeep Raman’s journey from customer support to becoming a prominent figure in product management serves as an inspiring example for aspiring professionals. Renowned as a distinguished product leader, Pradeep possesses extensive expertise in eCommerce and marketplaces, with a diverse background spanning industries such as retail, travel, and finance.

From Humble Beginnings to Industry Leader

Raman’s career began in the trenches of customer support at Amazon, where his knack for problem-solving and client satisfaction quickly set him apart. This foundation in customer-centric thinking would prove invaluable in his future roles.

“I learned the importance of truly understanding user needs,” Raman recalls. “It’s a perspective that’s shaped my entire approach to product management.”

Breaking into the Product Management Arena

Despite facing challenges in a field typically dominated by those with traditional tech backgrounds, Pradeep Raman achieved a significant breakthrough as the Co-founder of Jumadi, an early Indian e-commerce venture. Jumadi pioneered India’s first Facebook commerce product before pivoting to a B2B distribution platform for retailers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns across India. This innovation caught the attention of industry giants, eventually leading to its acquisition by

A Track Record of Innovation

Raman’s subsequent career moves read like a masterclass in product development:

  • At Cleartrip, he spearheaded the launch of ‘Cleartrip Activities,’ also known as Cleartrip Local, the first experiences marketplace product of its kind in India. Under his leadership, Cleartrip became a leading consumer travel brand in the country.
  • During his tenure at Tesco, he developed transactional APIs that revolutionized omnichannel shopping, resulting in significant cost savings and paving the way for numerous organizational initiatives.
  • Currently at Fine + Rare, Raman heads the Marketplace product. He has transformed the legacy systems into scalable applications, solidifying the company’s position in the luxury wine and spirits market.

Mentoring the Next Generation

In addition to his corporate achievements, Pradeep Raman is deeply committed to giving back to the community. He mentors aspiring product managers across the subcontinent through platforms such as FFE Startup India and others. Known as a dependable mentor for those pursuing careers in product management, Pradeep also champions charitable causes in the education and health sectors, providing substantial support to NGOs in Bangalore.

Furthermore, Pradeep is currently authoring a book on product management aimed at serving as a comprehensive guide for aspiring product managers. His dedication extends to supporting startups, where he leverages his expertise to guide them in navigating the complexities of product development, go-to-market strategies, and overall business strategies.

“Success in this field isn’t about where you started,” Raman emphasizes. “It’s about your willingness to learn, adapt, and persevere.”

A New Model for Success

As the tech world continues to evolve, Pradeep Raman’s career serves as a roadmap for those looking to break into product management from non-traditional backgrounds. His success underscores a simple yet powerful truth: with determination, continuous learning, and a customer-first mindset, the barriers to entry in even the most competitive fields can be overcome.

For the next generation of product leaders, Raman’s message is clear: Your background doesn’t define your future. Your passion, perseverance, and ability to innovate do. You can visit his website to know more about his perspective on Product Management, eCommerce and Marketplaces.

For more insights into Product Management, eCommerce, and other intriguing topics in technology, visit Pradeep Raman’s website at You can also connect with him on LinkedIn at to stay updated on his articles and insights.







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