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Breaking Barriers: The Inspirational Journey of Valeria Landivar

Valeria Landivar

Breaking Barriers: The Inspirational Journey of Valeria Landivar

Communicator, Marketing Strategist, Author, and Polyglot Speaker, Valeria Landivar is a woman of many talents, known for her kindness and exceptional heart. Having worked as a television producer for about a decade, she opened a digital marketing agency in 2011. She has collaborated with clients from all over the world and given lectures in three languages in Europe, Latin America, and Canada. In October 2022, she acquired Auberge des 21, becoming an innkeeper. Let’s rediscover this exceptional woman and her new life.

Q: We are in 2024. Do you still encounter prejudices?

Valeria Landivar: Yes, unfortunately, prejudices are still present. We often say not to judge a book by its cover, but judgments based on accent, origin, or gender are common. As a Bolivian woman with a Latin accent, people sometimes ask me where my husband is, as if my position requires a man. Others suggest that my accent signifies a lack of education or experience. Rather than being offended, I see this as an opportunity to educate and break these stereotypes.

Q: Based on your experience, is it difficult to work differently?

Valeria Landivar: Affirming one’s ideas and finding one’s place is essential. One should not fear uniqueness; instead, it should be displayed with pride. People who appreciate your vision and share your values will find you. It’s crucial not to wait for others’ approval to move forward. Pursuing ambitions, even if they seem crazy to some, is necessary. I’ve often been labeled crazy for refusing imposed conditions or wanting to step outside the mold, but I love my difference because it offers me a unique perspective and innovative solutions.

Q: You have excelled in the hospitality industry in a short time. What is your secret?

Valeria Landivar: The secret lies in my team. Their kindness, dedication, and ability to evolve with our establishment are inspiring. Surrounding yourself with people who elevate you is crucial. Our personal and professional values coexist harmoniously. I am fortunate to have a fantastic team where everyone looks out for each other. Flexibility and listening to opportunities are also essential. Success can present itself in unexpected forms, and embracing changes in plans can be beneficial.

Q: Your blog is a success. How has Auberge des 21 become an ambassador for La Baie?

Valeria Landivar: We love recommending local businesses and are proud when someone thanks us for introducing them to a company. Promoting our region and sharing our local discoveries strengthen the sense of community and support the local economy, which brings us great satisfaction.

Q: You are active in the Quebec Hotel Association. How has the tourism industry welcomed you?

Valeria Landivar: The industry has not only welcomed me warmly but has also been essential to our success. Members of the Quebec Hotel Association have supported us at every step. They share their experiences authentically, creating a space for mutual help. Building connections and being available for our network is vital. The tourism industry exemplifies collaboration and mutual support.

Q: Auberge des 21 was a finalist for Hotel of the Year. How did you achieve this in less than two years?

Valeria Landivar: Thanks to “quick wins.” Investing in a major project often involves debts and obligations. However, this should never hinder creativity. We have a team brimming with creativity and good values. We list our long-term goals and work every day to achieve small victories. Even the smallest efforts are noticed and help us progress.

Q: Your actions in the circular economy and sustainable development are impressive. How many certifications have you obtained?

Valeria Landivar: Thank you. We are proud of our progress. Regarding certifications, we have none because they are costly and time-consuming. I prefer to invest our resources in concrete actions. Tangible results are our best reward.

Q: Two hoteliers were highlighted in the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec’s Women-Owned Business Ranking, and you are on this list alongside Christiane Germain. What do you think?

Valeria Landivar: Being recognized alongside Christiane Germain is a tremendous honor. Christiane is a woman I deeply admire, not only for her human qualities but also for her exceptional entrepreneurial journey. She has built a hotel empire while remaining true to her values of integrity, passion, and service. I still have much to learn, and I am delighted to be part of a community of women redefining the norms of the hotel industry in Quebec.

Q: What are your plans for the future of Auberge des 21?

Valeria Landivar: I would love to work on making our establishment more accessible. We received a comprehensive report from Kéroul. The “quick wins” in terms of accessibility are challenging to achieve because our establishment is old. I contacted Kéroul a year ago, dreaming of making our inn accessible for my sister in a wheelchair. Unfortunately, she recently passed away. I hope to find the resources to make our establishment accessible in her memory so that more people can enjoy it.

This interview with Valeria Landivar showcases her inspirational journey and her unwavering commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and community support. Valeria’s story is a testament to the power of vision, determination, and the importance of surrounding oneself with a supportive team.

As we conclude this enlightening conversation, it’s clear that Valeria Landivar is not just a hotelier but a beacon of hope and change in the hospitality industry. Her dedication to breaking stereotypes, fostering community, and championing sustainability sets a powerful example for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Valeria’s journey reminds us that with passion, resilience, and a heart full of kindness, we can indeed create a lasting impact in our communities and beyond.

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