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Breaking Barriers: 7 Forceful Methods for Anonymously Viewing Instagram Stories

Are you interested in going Incognito while immersing yourself in Instagram stories? Do you encounter barriers when trying to enjoy yourself? Well, you’re not alone. Instagram currently does not support anonymous viewing of stories, as this goes against the platform’s community guidelines.

If you are like me, who has struggled to grow your Instagram profile, you do not want to put your account at risk of suspension, closure, or any kind of punishment. Luckily, I stumbled on some anonymous Instagram viewers. These sparked my interest in finding alternative methods to guarantee me complete anonymity.

In this article, I intend to expose seven forceful methods for anonymously viewing Instagram stories. In other words, you will learn how to break barriers to anonymity, including ways to ensure this without putting your account at risk.

Pay keen attention as you learn about these methods so that you do not do anything that violates the terms of service put forth by the platform. Here we go!

Methods for Anonymity

Before continuing further, please note that you can use each of the methods alone with variable outcomes. However, you should use a combination of them for some sort of synergy for ultimate discreteness and security.

  1. Educate yourself on Instagram policies.


Before you even think about going incognito while viewing Instagram stories, you should know what Instagram community guidelines say. As it is today, the platform’s policies are somewhat in conflict with any attempts to hide your identity while using the service.

This is quite understandable because social media itself is all about socialization. Put another way, these platforms are designed to enable people to connect with each other through engagement while at the same time ensuring privacy and security.

Instagram encourages responsible use of the platform by respecting other users’s privacy. Watching Instagram stories anonymously is considered a breach of the privacy of the users whose contents you access.

Take your time and read all the guidelines, terms of use, and policies established by Instagram. Once you understand all these, you are free to employ the methods we shall discuss subsequently.

2 Limit your engagement on Instagram.

Instagram stories

Instagram stories are usually interesting to watch, and the temptation to comment, like react with emojis or attempt to save, can overwhelm you. You need to know that every time you interact, you give Instagram the opportunity to collect your browsing data through cookies, caches, and other methods.

You will greatly improve your privacy by simply watching the stories and not interacting in any way. If you must interact, then you can use another method we will discuss below that hides your identity even if you comment, like, or react with an emoji.

3. Open a secondary account.

A secondary account is one that you know is yours, but the information therein is completely anonymous to your circle of friends, followers, and those you follow. Since you still have your main account, you can note the usernames of those contacts you are interested in viewing their contents and access them through your dummy account.

Opening a secondary account is similar to the way you signed up for your main account. The difference here is the credentials you use. Make sure you use a unique username that has no relationship whatsoever with that on your main account.

This goes for the email as well as the phone number you use. You should also desist from using any photo or other content you used on your main account, as this may be tied back to you, thus compromising your privacy.

4. View from a desktop

It is more convenient to view Instagram stories from apps installed on mobile devices such as smartphones, iPhones, iPads, and more. However, you may be forced to ditch the apps for a desktop if you want to go incognito.

You have to use your credentials to log on to your account to access Instagram stories if you use the app. The desktop version allows you to access public Instagram profiles without having to log in to your account first. This will keep you anonymous while watching such stories.

5. Use a third-party app or website.

Since social media aficionados realized the need to view Instagram stories anonymously, they started working on ways to break the barriers to their plan. Ingenious minds quickly come up with certain apps that claim to offer their subscribers anonymity while viewing Instagram stories.

Some of them go as far as enabling users to discreetly save the stories and watch them later at their convenience. Whether or not this is true is not easy to tell, but genuine subscriber reviews can be trustworthy.

Regardless of the app you choose to use, make sure it is effective, safe, and secure. While providing anonymity, it should comply with Instagram’s terms of service and privacy policies. Take your time and do research before committing to using a particular app.

6. Sign up with a temporary email account.

Temporary email accounts, also known as disposable or throwaway accounts, have provided a platform for people to enjoy Instagram stories anonymously. Such email addresses are meant to be used for a short time (or one-time use) and then discarded. For instance, use them as an alternative to sign up for websites or apps where using your main or primary email is not safe.

Disposable email address providers include Temp Mail, Mailinator, 10-Minute Mail, and Guerilla Mail. Any of them is useful for the purpose of Instagram anonymity. Just use it to open a temporary Instagram account and view stories without giving up your identity.

7. Disconnect from the Internet.

The only way Instagram will collect your data to alert the user whose story you are interested in viewing anonymously is if you are connected to the internet at the time. Disconnecting from Wi-Fi and data can allow you to view stories incognito.

Keep in mind that you must first log in to your account and preload the story before disconnecting to watch. There is a delicate balance here. The instant you start watching, Instagram also begins to collect data, so you must be quick to disable it the moment preloading is complete. Also, take a minute or so after watching to reconnect, as doing it so soon could give Instagram a window of opportunity.

Wrapping It Up

You can now successfully view Instagram stories. Just implement any of these methods, and you will break that barrier and achieve invisibility. Use more than one method at a time to guarantee you a double layer of anonymity. While doing this, ensure you do not infringe on the privacy of other users or risk violating Instagram community guidelines.

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