Break into the CryptoArena; New Fighting Game Features Industry Icons 

Crypto Arena New Fighting Game Features Industry Icons 

Have you ever dreamed of getting revenge on the con artists who convinced you to put your life savings into tokens and platforms that tanked? 

You may never get your money back, but at least now you can vent your frustration by beating the shit out of them (virtually, of course) in CyberArena’s new mini-game – CryptoArena. 

Heroes vs. Villains 

Every hero is someone else’s villain. In the game’s first iteration, players can choose between BitMan, Broken Arrow, CE Finance, Diamond Hex, DogeLord, Dont Kwon, GOAT, Michael Pilot, Sammy Bahamas, Satoshi, VitalEth, and Alski. 

CryptoArena allows gamers to embody their favorite crypto icons as they move through stages, pummeling their rivals with superpowers that reflect their characters’ real-life counterparts’ unique talents. 

Shape up while you take on adversaries as BitMan. Unleash the awesome power of debate as Diamond Hex verbally assaults his opponents into submission

before twerking off into the sunset. Use the power of laser eyes to cut through contenders when you play as Michael Pilot. 

This free-to-play mini-game illustrates the abilities and talents of the star-studded development team behind CyberArena before the full game’s launch, which is due out later this year. 

Meet Imperium Games 

Imperium Games is a large motion-picture gaming studio that has recently shifted focus from Web2 to Web3. They’ve worked on Triple-A games like The Witcher, Battlefield 3, Mad Max, and Star Wars – Rebellion. The Imperium studio also boasts 15 PvP independent games with 30 million downloads and over 150,000 active daily players. 

Imperium’s CEO Nikola Paunovic said, “we came to Web3 in the depths of the bear market and noticed that the worse things got, the more competition and tribalism heated up between rival crypto communities. So we wanted to capture the spirit of the industry while showing off some of the features players can expect in the full game.” 

Not Another Web3 Snoozer 

CryptoArena is unlike any web3 game you’ve played yet, and the numbers speak for themselves. Within one week of the game’s release, players have fought in over 100,000 matches, and registered more than 15,000 accounts. 

CyberArena features cutting-edge graphics, intuitive gameplay, and blistering performance – all while delivering the therapeutic benefit of allowing players to vent their frustrations on digital versions of their enemies. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Play for yourself. Free and now. 

Press Agent: Nicole Grinstead

CCO Lunar Digital Assets 

Contact: Telegram or Twitter @NrdGrl007

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