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Brandon E. Beal On Those Who Have Helped Him Flourish

Brandon E. Beal

Brandon E. Beal is a financial service specialist, agent mentor, wealth accumulation strategist, and CEO of Beal Financial Group. His company works closely with the National Agents Alliance and the Integrity Marketing Group. Together, they hire and train life insurance agents across the United States and are able to provide their agents with products to offer their clients, meeting a variety of needs and budgets. The partnership with Integrity puts Brandon’s group in affiliation with a $5B company, a collaboration that was finalized during the recent pandemic. This incredible growth comes during a time where many industries have suffered greatly, and Brandon credits many individuals on his journey to success, as well as his mindset. 

In a personal interview, Brandon spoke about growing up in a household of five boys, him being the oldest. Brandon, Bruce, Bradley, and the twins Byron and Bryon instilled a deep competitive drive in each other. This led to the success of middle brother Bradley Beal, now the 3x NBA All-Star for the Washington Wizards, and Brandon as he transitioned from a promising football career that ended in injury to the financial service industry. Brandon discussed, “My wife Ashley, along with my brothers, give me my strength, my superpowers. I bust my butt every day to set an example for the boys and to provide for my wife. My competitive drive and innate nature tell me to WIN! Win at all costs. There are no tomorrows. There is no I will do it later. My sense of urgency to become the best version of myself is unparalleled.” His family’s motivation and internal drive have allowed Brandon to earn over $120,000 in a single month and mentor his agents toward their own successes. 

Brandon also revealed his inspirations outside of family. He relates, “Two of the biggest inspirations are, without a doubt, former President Barack Obama and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. These two hard-working men just do not stop working. They are relentless. And being a black man, a man of color, seeing other men of color lights an even bigger fire inside of me to be as great, if not greater!” And finally, “My mentor Ed Soto of Pittsburgh has been there for me every single step of the way. All of my past, present, and future success I owe to that because he has mentored me through the good times and the bad.” The guidance he has received inspires Brandon to share his experience with his own agents and other entrepreneurs. He hopes to mentor a minimum of 100 licensed agents to earning seven figures by the time he retires. Brandon’s key advice to young entrepreneurs is to “understand that things will not go your way all the time. You need to know that you fail, EXPECT IT! Learn from your failures and move on. And always work on self and personal development; constantly learning. Constantly and consistently working on yourself to become the absolute best version of yourself day after day, month after month, and year after year is crucial. If you, as the leader, do not get better, your business will die. Keep wanting to get better, do not become complacent.”

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