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Branding with AI: Interview with Zaheer Dodhia, CEO and Founder of

Branding with AI

The graphic design industry is going through an evolution—creatives are fighting for niches, while technologies are making graphic design mainstream. According to Finances Online statistics, the graphic design industry is estimated at $45.8 billion. In dollar amounts, this may seem huge but the reality is that the demand for graphic designers is shrinking at 4% by 2029. This kind of put the graphic design community in a conundrum. Moreover, with recent developments in AI imaging tools coming out one after the other (although in research phases), what’s the future like?  

Zaheer Dodhia has been in this industry for more than 20 years and he is here to explain what’s the future like for brand designs alongside AI technologies. 

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Zaheer Dodhia, CEO and founder of I have been a serial entrepreneur for more than 20 years out of which 12 years in the SaaS sphere. Ever since I started on my entrepreneurial journey, I have always aimed at providing business solutions to startups and small businesses. My mission stems from the fact that I started out as lone entrepreneur myself, and partly because I would like to help fellow business owners have painless journeys when they launch their enterprises.  

What is and what inspired you to develop this product? is a SaaS company that provides DIY online tools for creating brand designs including logos, websites, branding materials and more. This is not the first time that I have initiated a project in this sphere but this time round I wanted to develop a SaaS product that is far superior than all those in the market. The logos in our database are created by human graphic designers, and are rich in illustrations that you could easily take for custom logo designs. The model is template based so you can just pick and edit with a company name. So, the idea is to provide high quality logos that any business owner can select and download in minutes. 

Could you give us a walkthrough of the services and solutions you provide at

When you log on to, you will be asked to enter your company name, and a few preferences like colors, fonts, and logotype. As soon as you do that, our AI algorithm at the back end will sort logos according to your choices and populate them in a gallery. You can pick any one of the logo templates to download straight away, or edit it further by using an editor tool. Once you are done with this, you can download your logo file in PNG, JPG or PDF formats. 

What makes a favorite among our customers is the fact that we have tons of options for logos and they all come with matching brand identity designs. Even the branding materials are editable so you can customize an email signature, Facebook cover design, website, and stationery design, and go launch your startup.

What specific challenges is the graphic design industry facing and what is the level of demand for the services provided

Even before the emergence of image generation tools like Dall-E and MidJourney, the graphic design industry has been going through an evolution. 

From the highly customized agency designs, people were moving towards quick solutions like Fiverr and design contests. Then came the age of DIY tools which made it all easy for online users, and eliminated the human element from the equation.

For me, as a die-hard graphic design fan, this trend didn’t sit well because I still believe in the creativeness of human designers. Otherwise, why would people spend thousands of dollars to get a logo design? is a middle ground. We provide the same level of creativity as logo designers but deliver it to our customers via DIY tools.  We also have a fully custom design module within our website. 

Could you tell us more about the logo maker tool, how does it work and what sets your technology apart? is based on modern web interface and web development technologies with a backend algorithm to cater to queries. 

Our logo maker tool features design templates, with multiple types of filters. For example, you can sort logos according to industry, types of logos, alphabets or texts, and mascots etc. You can use the tool to edit your logo in terms of text, slogan, additional shapes, fonts, colors, and some effects. Once you download your logo you can use it in any type of media like website, social media, or print. 

The template base module is also available for designing branding materials. Meaning, you can use our logo and add it into a business card template. Or, use our logo to add to our website builder or email signature. 

Now, this is something that most DIY tools can do, so I have to ask myself, “what sets my product apart?” 

For one, our logo templates are not cookie-cutter icons from stock image sites; they are designed by professional graphic designers which is important for creating uniqueness in logo designs. 

Secondly, we have a QR code generator that allows you to embed your logo to create a branded QR code for your company, which addresses the aspect of memorability and usability. 

These are our unique selling points.

What more would you want people to know about DIY branding and how to make it seamless?

The current scenario of the graphic design industry indicates that it is fast moving towards DIY branding because AI technologies are developing newer and better tools fast. 

Moreover, business owners don’t have time to go through the whole hassle of engaging a design agency, communicate back and forth, and wait for the final product unless you are a mega corporation which has the time to do so. 

When an entrepreneur has a business idea, they want to get to the launch phase as soon as possible. This is what makes DIY branding more attractive, especially for mom-and-pops businesses, online stores, social media stores, etc. and we are catering to that niche. 

With our logo maker tool, you just pick a design, put in your own flavors, and download it for use in print, digital, or even on devices, within a few minutes. 

Lastly, what inspiring messages would you give to the world?

If your brand can’t make an impression within 2 seconds of eye contact, then it loses the chance to convince your prospective buyers to purchase your product or service. Getting a memorable and eye-catching logo is the first step; building an impactful brand becomes easier after that.  

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