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Branden Condy Figured Out How to Sidestep the American Economic System and Build His Dream Future

American Economic System

There’s a strong notion in society that people need to “grind” until they die, meaning that after college, life needs to be eight hours of work per day, 14 days off per year, and constant stress. However, one entrepreneur decided that he was sick and tired of living according to those principles and propagating that notion. Branden Condy is an Instagram influencer, business owner, motivator, and entrepreneur who went against the status quo of the American economy in order to secure a better future. 

Condy is currently the owner of an Amazon Automation business that utilizes the drop-shipping model to generate thousands of dollars in profit passively and from home. He also enjoys great popularity on Instagram, where he is followed by more than 250,000 loyal supporters. “I grew up in a very tough situation. I was constantly broke. I know what hunger and homelessness feel like, and I decided that I wanted to change my situation once and for all. This is why I started exploring the online realm and created an online business. Ever since that moment, my life has improved dramatically,” Condy shares.

He went from a poor bartender to a famous influencer in 45 days, and was even able to buy a penthouse. “I didn’t want to be one of those Millennials who constantly complains about the economy on social media. So I broke the rules,” he adds.

Through his influence on Instagram, Branden has established high-grossing connections. He sells thousands of products online and has a network of affiliates that brings in big bucks. He credits his success to the fact that he has never been scared of or intimidated by taking a risk. “I didn’t want my future to look like my past, so I knew that I had to do things differently. I’m highly-motivated, but it’s not just my inner motivation. It’s my family and friends that I care about, too. This is my source of power,” he shares.

Condy is currently running a social media marketing agency that is expanding rapidly. He has helped countless people build online Amazon stores to generate passive income. “I got to where I am by providing value to many people in different ways. You have to be willing to network if you want to make it in business. Everything is a two-way street,” he explains.

“If you want to create lasting change, you need to reinvent the game. If I had done the whole college and nine-to-five office job, I’d probably be still struggling today, paying off a mortgage and fighting for an illusory security that isn’t really there. So I decided to do something completely different. Going against the economic status quo, to me, meant creating other opportunities away from what was accepted. And so I did that with the help of social media, namely Instagram, and Amazon,” says Condy.

“My goal with social media is to get the point across that anybody can change their life. And if all of us make a joint effort, we’ll be able to build something extraordinary. I want people to open their eyes to the possibilities. The fact that you’ve been poor before doesn’t mean that you’ll always be poor. You need to feel the passion, create a plan, and not quit at all cost,” he says. “I want my supporters to believe in themselves and to achieve the level of confidence they deserve but are afraid to have.”

To follow him for motivation, news, and tips, check out Branden Condy’s Instagram.

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