Brand New Commodities Solution for Halal Communities from MRHB.Network and Gold & Silver Standard (GSS)

Good news for halal communities with the brand new commodities solution coming from MRHB.Network, an ethical DeFi platform which has teamed up with  Gold & Silver Standard (GSS), a subsidiary of Ainslie Bullion Group, a leading Australian bullion dealer. Through this partnership, a new halal offering — Gold Standard ($AUS) and Silver Standard ($AGS) 100% bullion-backed tokens will debut in the MRHB ecosystem and will be made available through MRHB’s Sahal Wallet.

The new halal offering will offer $AUS and $AGS paired to $USDC/USDT, made available on TijarX, a soon-to-launch commodities DEX built into MRHB’s Sahal Wallet. As part of the agreement, MRHB and GSS will jointly develop numerous Gold and Silver-backed crypto offerings over a three-year period.

The CEO of MRHB, Naquib Mohammed, stated that this move came at an appropriate moment, particularly when the community needs it the most. Commenting that gold and silver have traditionally been considered “the safest hedge against… volatile markets and inflation”, Mohammed celebrated how the “gold and silver bullion-backed stablecoins were a great addition to {their} DeFi offerings.”

We are more than confident that the partnership will be welcomed by our investors and ethics concerned community, as the volatility of the crypto market is one of the main reasons keeping potential new entrants out of the ecosystem,” he further stated. “Due to the benefits of tokenization and borderless trade possible on the TijarX DEX, investors will be able to buy the cheapest gold and silver in the world, even in small amounts.”

This partnership will also benefit GSS in many ways, as their gold and silver bullion-backed tokens, which are the most popular in Australia, will now be made much more available to not only the Islamic Finance investing community, but also the larger global crypto and Web3 community.

We are excited to bring our gold and silver standard stablecoins to previously excluded communities through our partnership with MRHB,” comments Paul Engeman, Director of Gold & Silver Standard and Ainslie Bullion, Brisbane, Australia. “We are confident that Gold & Silver Standard’s Australia-based vault provides one of the safest places in the world to store bullion and safeguard token value. Bullion-backed cryptocurrency has been growing in popularity worldwide, and we look forward to cementing our goal of being the #goldsilverstandard of the metaverse.”

Given the cryptocurrency markets’ typical turbulent environment,stablecoins are famous for being a safer investment. Stablecoins backed by gold would be less volatile than Bitcoin. The Gold and Silver Standard tokens will allow all MRHB users to safely invest in gold and silver using US dollar-backed stablecoins. Each AUS and AGS token represents precisely one gramme of gold or silver bullion, which is physically present in Reserve Vault in Brisbane, is audited quarterly by global assurance company PKF, and is covered by the world’s largest insurer.

MRHB CEO Naquib Mohammed and Gold & Silver Standard Director Paul Engeman. 




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