Brad Ungar Talks About Legalized Medical Use Of Cannabis And The World’s Largest Online Cannabis Coupon Code Directory

Brad Ungar is a tech geek who fell into the cannabis industry. “In my past life, I was a Product Manager making mobile health apps and websites for NHS funded projects. I’ve now been in the cannabis industry for over 5 years and after my time as Vice President of a Los Angeles online cannabis delivery collective that I helped build from the ground up, I realized the potential future for eCommerce in the industry. I’ve also seen what a powerful plant cannabis is from daily direct conversations with many of the thousands of members we had in our collective on the medical level, from usage for cancer, seizures and more.

Save On Cannabis was born as place to aggregate online accessible cannabis products and provide a hub for the online shopping savvy to save on their cannabis purchases through coupon codes. Within the cannabis industry my goal is to be on the forefront of completely normalizing the concept of purchasing cannabis based products online and increasing safe accessibility.”

What is Save On Cannabis?

The world’s largest online cannabis coupon code directory. Your easiest way to discover what cannabis based products are available online and get the best pricing with verified coupon codes. If it is made from cannabis and available online we work to build partnerships for discounts as well as send to our expert reviewers for testing. Over time, you’ll see our site grow as a hub for product discovery and as a comparison tool.

What are the Major Services you provide at Save On Cannabis?

At the heart of our website, we are the RetailMeNot of the cannabis industry, being the first place to go to save money on all your cannabis related needs. We are also a respected resource of expert product reviews and educational blog material. you come to SaveOnCannabis to save, explore, and learn about cannabis.

What problems are you solving with Save On Cannabis?

For consumers, finding cannabis brands that are accessible for online ordering is a disjointed process of scattered Google searches. The only brands a web searcher finds are the ones with the best SEO and have to poke through each site to see the products they offer and then compare. We are providing the easiest way for people to browse all the online brands in one location along with the best pricing by having active coupon codes.

For brands, advertising your eCommerce store online is unnecessarily complicated. Most online businesses immediately head to Google Ads/Facebook Ads and the other tech conglomerate ad platforms, but in our industry these options are not legally allowed. Save On Cannabis offers a place for cannabis brands to directly showcase their products as being available online and only pay for sales driven. Unlike the other ad platforms and even other directories in our industry, we offer free ways to list as well as only conversion based promotions. Since brands don’t have to pay us unless we deliver sales it is a win-win where anytime they pay us they are also getting paid, so no wasted ad spend on non-converting CPC/CPM campaigns.

Who are your products and services for and who are your target users/customers?

Our target users are online shopping savvy consumers who are looking for access to high quality cannabis products from the comfort of their home. This day and age all online shoppers are getting better at price comparing and coupon shopping. Part of the normal online shopping funnel is to now price compare and find discounts to add to your checkout, with the normalization of cannabis shopping online our product will fit in most eCommerce consumers regular flow.

Could you enlighten us on the ethical and legal positions of Cannabis, how safe is Save On Cannabis?

The legal landscape is constantly changing. As new licenses are offered we look to make partnerships directly with licensed brands as quickly as they are ready. Our site looks to comply with all the regulations that are presented. We hope to say the site is 100% legal across all markets one day soon, but that is not possible until the Federal landscape changes. Cannabis itself has been part of the human history longer than most know, including the fact that at one point it had already been one of the best selling pharmaceutical items in the US before prohibition. Medically this plant will continue to awaken the public mindset as more research is allowed, it has the keys to our endocannabinoid system. Keep an eye on Israel if you really want to see the explosion in the medical usage potentials. In the recreational realm, ethically cannabis is safer than alcohol and tobacco.

How is technology impacting the Cannabis market?

The most recognizable part of technology in the cannabis market has been in the seed-to-sale software, hardware, wholesale markets and POS integrations but there are also some exciting medically geared products. The online industry is still new for cannabis so this is the beginning of the online revolution. I expect cannabis to move into the on-demand type style of ordering very quickly across the industry. This industry is having it’s awakening at the same time that a big influx of capital is focused in technology so the two will work hand-in-hand as the federal and global legalization continues.

What are the Advantages and benefits of using your platform and what makes you different from other platforms?

We are focused directly on the online consumer, with a full understanding of and desire to mainstream the eCommerce side of the industry. Much of our industry is heavily focused on brick and mortar locations with an abandonment to the online brands. Our site is the only place in the industry where you know everything you find can be ordered directly online from the comfort of your home.  We work to give all online accessible brands a voice and place to be discovered no matter their ad budget. Our company gives a white-glove process of onboarding where the brands don’t have to maintain listings on their end and don’t have to spend a dollar to get the ball rolling.

Do you have any available opportunities for partners or investors at Save On Cannabis?

At this time, we are self-funded but will always be open to conversations. While this site has been built from the ground up by our own in house team, we need to keep our door accessible if the right partner could help leverage us to a higher place. You don’t get anywhere by yourself, so in business I’ve learned that at any point a conversation can turn into an opportunity and it is important to be open to change.

 Could you tell us about your team and customer support?

Unlike other coupon sites, if our deals say “Save On Cannabis Verified” we stand behind that fully. If a coupon does not work and has our “Verified Badge” then we will either pay the user directly the discount they were promised or work with the brand to get them to offer the deal. Our team is always ready to help and available at I personally get every email from the company and while my inbox is more and more flooded, we work to keep a personal touch to our brand and are there for the user.

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