Bounce Launches Metalents To Provide Metaverse Marketplace For Freelancers

Metalents Bridges The Gap Between Web3 Talent Demand And The Creative Community, Offering Greater Access And Transparency For Projects And Individuals Alike

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – April 20, 2022 – Bounce ($AUCTION), a decentralized auction platform, has announced the launch of Metalents, a freelancing marketplace for web3 projects and independent labor. Metalents, which is powered by Bounce, is meant to match supply and demand in the web3 labor market, assisting projects and artists in finding one another, establishing clear ownership of digital assets, and curating portfolios for creators to promote their efforts in the form of NFTs.

Bounce is a pioneer in decentralized auction markets, having launched in early 2020 and led the crypto entry into the auction arena, culminating in the widespread use of decentralized auction tools by projects and individuals in the web3 era.

Bounce is releasing Metalents, a means for projects and creators to come together and better match supply and demand in the web3 labor market, based on the project’s extensive DeFi experience and infrastructure. Metalents intends to enable better transparency for artists, developers, and projects to work together as the industry’s professional standard for freelancing, with content production a major requirement for web3 projects ranging from art-based NFTs, GameFi, and other applications.

Currently, there are two types of content production: passive creation, in which artists create material and commercialize it through non-financial transactions (such as platforms like OpenSea), and proactive creation, in which content producers create tailored content in response to express demand. For the Metaverse, GameFi, collectibles, and technical assistance in terms of product design, development, and blockchain data analysis, customized content is required. The increase of web3 demand for creative talent has outpaced labor availability, necessitating a new paradigm to match supply and demand. Metalents has created a whole suite of solutions to help creators create unique content for web3 projects while also providing an open platform for them to build their portfolios and find employment.

The most significant stumbling block to web3 project growth has been identified as a lack of talent. Projects are suffering a talent shortage, whether for creative, data analysis, marketing, or software engineers and have stated a need for a solution to assist them to identify top-performing freelancers and recruits. At the same time, finding quality assignments that will pay a clear price for deliverables may be difficult for freelancers, with some artists receiving cents on the dollar for NFT work.

“We are launching Metalents with the vision to better align incentives between web3 projects and freelancers, leveraging the best of what blockchain and web3 have to offer in a full-suite solution,” said Jack Lu, co-founder of Bounce.

“We believe that by providing streamlined access to freelancers, hires, and creators on Metalents, web3 projects will be able to find the talent they need to maintain and accelerate growth; while high performing vendors will be able to demonstrate the quality of their work beyond just employer logos to encourage greater meritocracy in hiring and ensure that works are properly remunerated in an efficient and transparent way.”

Creatives will be able to make requests for deliverables, use a full-featured chat system, and link to major media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok in the first online version. The creator-owned marketplace will be similar to Etsy in terms of functionality. It is accessible to everybody, and users do not require a deep understanding of the underlying decentralized technology to thrive. Many other currencies, both crypto and fiat, will be accepted.

The underlying functional token for the Metalents platform will be the Bounce $AUCTION token. Bounce Finance, Bounce’s decentralized financial platform, will continue to function properly because its infrastructure is permissionless and self-running. Stakeholders in $AUCTION will continue to receive revenue generated by Bounce Finance.

Metalents will be Bounce’s major emphasis moving forward, indicating the team’s strong and enthusiastic belief in Metalents and the Metaverse’s future. Metalents’ ultimate objective is to create a metaverse with a free city of workshops where all storefronts are for customizable items. Metalents also plans to develop native Metalents versions in the future, including mobile implementation.

About Metalents

Metalents is a web3 freelance platform that connects creatives with projects through a blockchain architecture. Built on the principles of decentralization, it allows for maximum efficiency, maximum access, and increased transparency between all project participants. Metalents aims to create greater transparency for artists, developers, and projects to work together as the industry’s professional standard for freelancing. The project is working towards a Metaverse where all stores are for customized products. 

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