BougeRV Flash300 portable power station is gaining popularity with its fast charging and high capacity

The Flash 300 portable power station is a one-stop solution for outdoor power. 

BougeRV is about to release its newest portable power station. Ready to power up summer and next trip for its customers. The lightweight and smart unit is available at a decent price. Only 30 minutes can recharge to 90%. All of this is housed in a metal unit with a high-resolution LCD display. 

Speaking to the media the spokesperson of BougeRV said, “ We found people do not just focus on how large the capacity is, people also want the unit to be charged faster. We already have the large capacity device. Now we are also improving the speed of charging, to bring the best of both worlds together. “

The Flash 300 portable power station has been released in the US on July 15, 10 PM EDT, It is a portable 286Wh power battery that can be taken out to charge and recharged via solar panels, sockets, or by the vehicles.

Some of the main features of Flash300 : 

– Flash300 comes with an innovative fast charging mode, making it a real fast power station. 

– The Flash300 can charge from 0% to 90% in 30 minutes in direct AC charging mode.

– Flash300 is an ideal companion for any journey. It’s easy to carry and the perfect choice for traveling. The team at BougeRV has considered the impact of heavy storage devices on the travel experience that is why they use lighter materials to minimize the travel burden.

– The Flash 300 complements BougeRV’s line of charging stations, making it more refined and more suitable for some of the more convenient trips, while also making it a reliable power source for mobile use in RVs and camping to keep the basic equipment powered along the road. It not only charges quickly but takes the full advantage of solar energy. 

– To optimize portability, AC charging is performed over an industry-standard AC cable, eliminating the need for a power brick.

– Ability to monitor charge and discharge status in real-time with the smartest LED color display. Complete control of energy storage usage without power anxiety.

– Support for wireless charging. 15W wireless charging – In the era of full support for wireless charging of cell phones, this feature can not be missed.

Charging Flash300 is simple.

A range of charging options are available to satisfy customers’ demands in various conditions. The Flash300 is powered by an AC charging cord, solar panels, and an automobile. This is especially crucial for individuals who are on the road, live in isolated places, or have restricted access to charging stations.

Approximate charging time:

– 12V / 24V car charging (120W/240W): ≈2.38 hours/≈1 hours

– 600Wmppt solar panel charging: ≈ 30min (two strings of two parallel, recommended by series)

– AC charge(600W): ≈30min

With the Flash300, anyone can now charge up to 9 devices at the same time. The Flash 300 power station has two 600W AC outlets. A single AC output can manage up to 600W, and two AC outputs together cannot handle more than 600W; Type-C has just one port that supports input and output 100W PD protocol, but USB ports have three, two 12W and one 18W.

The Flash 300 may deal with small electrical devices, short-term outdoor vacations, emergencies, disasters, and other occurrences. You can charge your smartphone, laptop, digital camera, or other gadgets quickly, effectively, and easily with the BougeRV Flash 300.

Flash300 is completely safe and secure.

All software and hardware decisions that the company has made, prioritize safety. There are eight major built-in battery management systems (BMS) that help to improve battery efficiency. They have simultaneously posted 10 digital codes in order to speed up customer problem-solving and enable self-testing. Because you will be informed of the cause, the customer will not have to endure those unpleasant alarms when a security issue emerges.

About BougeRV

BougeRV is a solar power firm that strives to be a one-stop shop for all of your solar power needs. Their newly developed Flash 300 portable power station is intended to function in unison with their previous products to suit a range of electrical requirements. In the ECO and MAX settings, it may totally adjust to the portable refrigerator to give the user a one-stop shop for outdoor power.

We strive to develop more innovative solutions that increase people’s access to sustainable energy and offer a steady supply of electricity for the home and outdoors while minimizing environmental impact. More information is available on the BougeRV website.

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