Bot Planet Launches Its Proper Decentralized Exchange

Bot Planet ecosystem developers will launch a P2P decentralized exchange for company users. All transactions between participants on this platform will be made directly without any financial intermediaries.

“Our company will not hold funds or personal data of our clients. We provide a platform alone where users can place orders to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. DEX will support multiple popular blockchains in contrast to its competitors in the market”, Bot Planet officials said.

BOTSwap will also have yield farming and staking. Users will be able to track the cryptocurrencies price movement and exchange them within the platform.

Like with most products on Bot Planet Ecosystem, DEX becomes more unique in combination with the P2E game. By using farming and staking features, the player can use the earnings to exchange it for the in-game token. It can also be used to upgrade your NFTs and much more! 

Earlier Bot Planet announced the launch of its multifunctional wallet. Bot Planet ecosystem also includes a lottery, Play-To-Earn game, messenger, and NFT. In the first half of 2022, the company will organize an İDO on three launchpads for the community.

Bot Planet will be showcasing its DEX prior to launch during the WOW SUMMIT in Dubai, as well as other products. 

General information:

Bot Planet is a multi-chain ecosystem built specifically for the UX Play-To-Earn NFT-based game, with a multi-functional wallet, lottery, NFT marketplace, messenger, DEX platform, and Play-2-Earn game integration. The native BOT token will be the main payment instrument of the ecosystem.

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