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BornToDie: The Ultimate 3D Shooter Web3 Game Launches Genesis NFTs and Raises 1.5m USD in Pre-Seed Funding


It’s pleased to announce that, Born To Die, the highly anticipated 3D shooter game, is going to launch a Genesis collection named AAA NFTs, which doubles as a membership card. This fascinating item will provide players and investors an innovative opportunities and benefits within the game. So, get ready for more beer and skittles in the upcoming days!(Website)

Furthermore, the AAA NFTs will give members access to the exclusive members-only areas, and in-game content, such as new arsenal, skins, and maps; it’s hilarious, isn’t it? Moreover, they will also grant access to special events and tournaments, where players can enjoy barrels of laughter and compete for rewards as well as prizes. Additionally, they can be traded on the open market. And because they are built on the blockchain, they are secure and verifiable.

Things to Know About Four Tiers of Membership with AAA NFTs:

 Let me lift the curtain from the four tiers of membership with AAA NFTs.

  •  Let’s start with the famous tier gold, which grants members access to a selection of the game’s assets. The gold tier includes some paramount things such as weapons, skins, and maps. Moreover, it also grants access to the amazing beta version as well as special events and tournaments.
  • The second one is a silver tier which grants members access to a limited selection of the game’s assets, including a few weapons, skins, and maps. Although it also grants access to the beta version and some events and tournaments.
  • It’s one of the highest tiers where members can get access to all of the game’s assets, including heroes, all weapons mandatory to win, skins, and maps. It’s worth mentioning that it also grants access to the beta version, special events, and tournaments.
  •  The last one is the VIP tier, which grants members access to a diminutive selection of the game’s content, including a few weapons, skins, and maps. 

Fast-Paced Shooter Game

Additionally, Born To Die is one of a fast-paced shooter game that takes place in a post-pandemic world and gained ground quickly among the people. Here players mostly navigate through a landscape that is filled with danger and destruction, so they fight off enemies and scavenge for resources to survive. The game features as stunning 3D graphics and the best gameplay, which has gained a significant following among gamers.

Follow by that the most astonishing thing about Born To Die is that it’s a new web3 game that has raised 1.5 million dollars in a pre-seed funding round, with an additional 500,000 dollars in committed funding. Furthermore, the game, which is set to launch in April/May, is being developed by a team of highly experienced game developers as well as web3 experts who are highly dedicated to creating an innovative and fascinating gaming experience.

Paramount Things to Know About the Game 

Alpha Version: This game was previously released in an alpha version in May and has been played and appreciated by hundreds of gamers, and hitherto they love to play this in their spare time. After considering players’ feedback and suggestions, Born To Die has made numerous improvements and enhancements to the game, which make it the most enjoyable.

Beta Version: The beta version introduces new weapons for players, enemies, and more levels. It has also improved graphics and mechanics, providing players with a thrilling experience. Now you can easily download the new beta version of Born To Die and take your game to the next level.  

Final Verdict

It’s thrilled to announce that the AAA NFTs will be available for purchase starting on 18th Feb 2023. We appreciate players acting fast, as these items will be in high demand and are limited in quantity.Now it’s time to join the fight so that you become a part of the Born To Die community. Hurry up and grab your AAA NFTs and get access to all the perks of being a member! It’s a one-time opportunity only, buddy!

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