Boosting Your Finances Through Everyday Web Browsing

With the average person now spending almost seven hours a day online, getting paid for simply surfing the web sounds like easy money. In fact, it sounds like a lot of easy money. That’s exactly what AXplorer promises.

Developed by AXIA, creators of AXIA Coin, AXplorer is a web browser that rewards users for their activity with a digital currency that can be used for everyday purchases globally. While most web browsers collect data from users, such as browsing history, geolocation, and the types of hardware and software being used, typically it is the browser developer that sells the data and makes the money. AXIA is reversing that model with AXplorer by not sending users’ data to third-parties and allowing them to monetize their online experience for the first time.

AXplorer rewards you for a wide range of online activity

Making AXplorer your default browser makes you eligible for a daily reward in AXIA Coin while using it for online activity like web browsing boosts your earnings. Referring new users to join AXIA can also gain you rewards. A Member Rewards Dashboard helps users to earn and keep track of the AXIA Coins they are amassing.

Thanks to AXIA recently acquiring Universal Basic Data Income (UBDI), AXplorer will soon allow users to make even more by monetizing the data profile that their online activity is building should they choose to opt-in. UBDI allows users to get paid for contributing to data pools that provide anonymized, aggregated information to companies conducting market research.

UBDI already has attracted users from nearly 200 countries who have contributed more than one billion data points to the platform.

AXplorer is a privacy-first browser

While cashing in on your online activity seems like an easy decision, savvy surfers know that the more time you spend online, the more exposure you have to security threats. Experts report that the move to remote work for many businesses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in a sharp increase in cybersecurity threats. Security breaches caused by nefarious tactics like hacking, phishing and ransomware are reported to have caused nearly one trillion dollars in damage in 2020.

AXIA took all of those threats into account when creating AXplorer. It offers unparalleled privacy customization options that greatly enhances your security, safeguarding against unwanted activity tracking and unauthorized data sharing.

AXIA Coin can protect  buying power and make your money more impactful

 The US dollar and other fiat currencies are inflationary, meaning the purchasing power they provide decreases over time. AXIA on the other hand is the world’s first hyper-deflationary, asset-supported digital currency that can be used globally. The currency has a limited supply that reduces over time due to fee burning triggered by participation and activity within the AXIA ecosystem. Meanwhile, that same participation and activity also has the potential to increase and strengthen the AXIA Reserve—the asset supporting structure of AXIA Coin. On one side, AXIA Coin can become more scarce to protect value, and on the other the asset supporting structure can continuously build.

These unique economics result in hyper-deflation which establishes AXIA Coin as a better store of value that also has the utility to be used as the preferred medium for exchange and transactions worldwide. AXIA can also make money more impactful as a result of simply doing the same things we do everyday like going to a grocery store or using a browser like AXplorer. All this decentralized activity can trigger the reduction of supply of AXIA Coin, distributing this value back to all the community members. So, as AXIA participants go about their daily lives, they are constantly creating a positive impact for others as a result.

Platforms like AXplorer that give AXIA participants the potential to earn rewards are part and parcel to the project mission of creating a more inclusionary and rewarding financial system for millions around the world.

“Big tech monetizes users’ data for their own profit and perpetuates a system that allows them to generate staggering amounts of revenue off of personal information,” argues AXIA Founder Nick Agar. “With AXplorer, AXIA is aiming to put the power back in users hands by providing a browser with enhanced security and privacy that allows AXIA participants to truly monetize their online experience, while also taking advantage of the unique economics at the same time.”

Desktop and mobile versions of AXplorer can be downloaded for free at Information on AXIA Coin and other services available in the AXIA Ecosystem can be found at

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