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Boost Your Marketing Campaign with Email Parsing

In the modern world, one of the most important parameters of productivity gain is the way one manages emails across all verticals of the organization. No matter what is the type, nature, and scale of your business, it is almost impossible to make the system efficient without effective email management. The number of unread emails is definitely not a good sign, especially when you are running an e-commerce business or running any marketing campaign. We are living in an era of hyper-dynamism, where all stakeholders, whether communicating internally or externally, want responses not just instantly but with a personal touch.

Going by the volume of emails generated every hour, it is not humanly possible to make the system efficient, especially when there is no room for errors. Email management is all about smart filtering, categorization, and of course customized response in real-time based on smart capturing of required information from emails and making them more valuable in the desired format for effective business automation.

What is Email Parsing?

Every business and its verticals, whether sales, marketing, accounts, etc, are unique in their own way. It is well established that the effectiveness of a communication system depends on the smart capturing of relevant data and making them usable in the desired format. Email Parser does exactly the same for people who need some kind of software to eliminate the task of manual email reading and responding.

When one is expected to deal with thousands of emails every hour and respond to each of them almost instantly, it is pretty natural that monotony will trigger some kind of avoidable mistakes. Software designed to capture relevant data from emails and placing them in desired fields is bound to make the system highly efficient and error-free. If you are getting hundreds of invoices every hour, an email parser can help you capture all possible information like issuer, invoice number, amount, status, etc, and place them in desired format, whether Excel, Google Sheets, or your CRM.

Email parsing is the need of the hour, but which software to choose when there are several of them offering more or less the same features. Well, one thing to look for is the flexibility the software offers in terms of customization of email data extraction. Template-based tools make it very difficult, especially if you want to make your system more efficient and scalable. Email parser software offers you not just easy customization based on your specific need, but makes it simple for you to work from anywhere via the cloud. Interestingly, it is the only software that has both Windows apps and web apps. 

How Email Parsing Making Businesses More Effective

We are living in an era where data is the new currency. Now the survival and growth of any organization depend on the effectiveness of the data capture and processing system. Effective email parsing software is helping businesses automate and be future-ready.  

Improved Accuracy: Data is of no use, rather catastrophic if it is inaccurate. Minimizing human dependency by automating data capturing using an email parser helps in making your system more accurate and scalable.

Efficiency Gain: Automated relevant data capturing reduces the need for manpower and the related possibility of errors, leading to efficiency gain and better return on investment. Real-time data capturing and exporting to your CRM makes your system more responsive, thus more customers friendly.

Sales Boost: Automated real-time data capturing from emails and structuring them in the desired format helps you save time that usually goes to waste in identifying relevant emails containing quality leads. You gain the advantage of getting in touch with potential leads almost instantly, leading to better lead conversion and sales boost. 

Happy Customers: Gone are the days when customers used to wait days to get a response from an organization. Quality email parsing software helps you capture customer information in a desired format so that you could respond almost instantly, that too in a more personalized way, leading to better customer satisfaction and brand building.

Better Security: Your data is highly valuable, so making them secure should be your top priority. Email parsing takes care of your worry regarding manual data capturing possible theft, as it captures and exports relevant data to your CRM without any manual interference.  

Business is all about sustained growth and in the modern business sphere, it is possible only when you are making progress towards business automation. Since quality communication is the key driving force, ignoring email data capturing and structuring could be catastrophic. Quality email parser software helps you not just capture relevant data from emails and structure them in the desired format but gives you the desired control over how to use the information. Once you have the quality data in your hand, you can further process them into quality insights to make the decision-making process more efficient and accurate and shape your business according to evolving scenarios 

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