Boost your Home Office Productivity with These 6 Tech Products

With more people choosing to work remotely, a home office is not just a makeshift table corner in our living rooms any more. Most working professionals are now using this space as their part-time or even full-time workplace, equipping it with all fundamentals for a productive working environment. Technology plays an important role here, with various tools and gadgets making our day-to-day lives easier and more efficient. So, here are 6 of such tech products that will increase the productivity of your home office.

1. WiFi heatmaps for optimised internet

A productive home office begins with reliable internet connectivity. WiFi heatmaps are a vital tool for anyone aiming to enhance their WiFi coverage. This technology can plan and perform site survey wireless tests, which are essential for creating a network layout that offers strong and consistent signal strength throughout your home office. By mapping signal strength across different areas, WiFi heatmaps also assist in pinpointing dead zones and areas of signal interference, so you know where to place your routers as well as your home office strategically. 

Additionally, these tools can analyse and detect WiFi issues, facilitating easier troubleshooting before such problems disrupt your workflow. The capability to generate detailed reports also means that you can provide your internet service provider with concrete data should there be issues that require professional intervention. Overall, the use of WiFi Heatmaps can lead to a marked improvement in internet performance, reducing frustration and boosting productivity.

2. Ergonomic devices

Ergonomics are particularly important in productivity, which is why investing in high quality devices is one of the first things to do in your home office. Such devices as keyboards, mice, and monitor stands can drastically reduce physical strain during long hours of work, which means that you are more comfortable and, therefore, more productive.

For example, an ergonomic keyboard is design to minimise wrist pain, while a mouse that fits comfortably in the palm can prevent strain injuries. Adjustable monitor strand ensures that you have optimal viewing angles, reducing damages to your neck and eyes. All of these are important considerations for both productive and healthy working environment. 

3. Noise-cancelling headphones

In a home environment, controlling outside noises can be challenging, particularly if you have nearby neighbours or other people at home. Noise-cancelling headphones are a game-changer for maintaining focus and minimising distractions. This smart tech can block out any background household noise, street sounds, or even chatter, which are the typical disruptions when working from home. 

As you put on active noise cancellation, you can immerse yourself in tasks without being drawn away by the surrounding noise. This means that you can concentrate better for longer periods of time, which results in higher productivity. Besides, these headphones will also come in handy during online meetings and conferences. 

4. Smart plugs and home automation devices

Smart plugs and other home automation devices can streamline your work environment in amazing ways. For instance, you can integrate control lighting, heating, and even power into your home office, controlling all of those things on your chosen device. You can also completely automate them using smart scheduling.

For instance, scheduling your office lights to turn on just before your workday starts will help in setting a consistent routine every morning. The smart thermostat will ensure that you always have a comfortable temperature in your office, so you don’t have to keep going to your boiler to adjust it. Although these may sound like small things, they all help in optimising your workspace for peak productivity. 

5. Digital time management tools

Effective time management is key in maximising productivity. There are various digital tools you can utilise for this, such as time tracking apps and productivity software. They help you organise your tasks as well as set notification reminders on deadlines and other commitment. Some of the tools also enable collaboration, where you can assign tasks to other team members and discuss project related information efficiently.

Digital time management tools are essential in providing you with a clear overview of your day and helping prioritise tasks. They ensure that you spend your time wisely and productively, meeting your professional goals without feeling overwhelmed. 

6. Desktop organisers

Last but not least, clutter can also significantly hinder productivity. Therefore, desktop organisers help maintain a tidy and organised workspace, which is essential for efficient work. Although these can be simple tray organisers, you can also get advanced docking stations that not only keep your desk clutter-free, but also connect multiple devices seamlessly. Having a specific place for all your tools can reduce the time spent searching for items and increase the time spent working. Not only that, a clean desks can enhance mental clarity and focus, which further boosts productivity.


The way you set up your home office can play a huge role in how productively you will be able to work. Even the smallest things like outside noise or uncomfortable temperatures can distract you. The above tech products can help prevent these distractions and create an optimal working environment

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