Boost Your Health and Productivity: The Benefits of Standing Desks

Your health may suffer if you sit for extended durations. The good news is that a standing desk can lessen these drawbacks and support an active, healthy lifestyle.  The use of standing desks has been found in numerous surveys to lower the risk of obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and problems with the back, neck, and shoulders. This post will go over the advantages of a small standing desk, the different kinds that are out there, and a ton of really great advice.

What is a standing desk?

A standing desk is a desk that can be adjusted in height, allowing you to work while standing rather than sitting. The term “sit-to-stand executive desk” refers to these workstations that can be used in both sitting and standing positions. This encourages greater mobility and less time spent sitting down. It’s critical to determine the ideal standing height for ergonomic comfort. To meet your demands, our workstations come with a variety of adjustable standing heights.

Advantages of standing desks

The health advantages of using a height-adjustable desk are numerous and include improved comfort and focus. Here are some of the most fascinating ones that you can read about:

  • Improves Your Health

Sitting for extended periods of time is bad for your health because it can cause back problems, heart disease, diabetes, and other issues. However, standing for an extended period of time isn’t always beneficial.  Finding a medium ground is a sensible substitute for trying to win every ball in your court. You may change your posture and positions as you choose with a sit-stand desk, which is better for your body’s natural alignment.

  • Increased blood circulation

Standing while working encourages improved blood circulation, which lowers the chance of varicose veins and heavy legs. You may alter your posture during work hours using height-adjustable desks, which can assist release stress in your muscles and enhance your well-being while at work. To put it briefly, they provide you the flexibility of sitting work together with the advantages of standing, which is why they are growing in popularity.

  • You burn more calories

When we sit, our muscles use very little energy, and the number of calories burned decreases significantly. This issue may be solved by using a desk that can be adjusted in height. As a matter of fact, standing up burns about 186 calories every hour as opposed to 139 calories, according to medlineplus.  If you have never used a small standing desk before, begin by sitting for 20 minutes and then stand for the same length of time. It is important to alternate between these two postures as needed. Once you’re comfortable working while standing, you can increase the intervals.

  • Reduced stress and fatigue

Working from a standing position can be less stressful and exhausting for the body. Indeed, it improves blood circulation by allowing for frequent changes in position throughout the workday. These changes in work posture can increase metabolism and lower the hazards linked to a sedentary lifestyle. In addition, it can help boost concentration and vitality, which can enhance productivity at work (which brings us to our following point).

  • To increase your productivity

There are several ways that working at a standing desk might improve your concentration. First off, you feel less uncomfortable since your muscles are working all the time. Additionally, the fatigue that comes with working at a seated desk gradually disappears because you are more attentive. Secondly, you can move about more freely and switch up your leg movements, which makes it possible for you to engage in more physical activity. Additionally, standing up promotes blood circulation, which keeps our minds alert and open to new ideas, as was already mentioned.

How to choose a sit-stand desk

There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a standing desk, and in this section, we’re happy to share the most crucial ones with you.

  • size of your work area

The desk riser provides the same advantages as the larger models, so if you don’t want to replace your current desk, you can still use it. Another option is a mobile, small standing desk. Don’t be afraid to invest in a large standing desk, though, if you have the space. It will allow you to work with larger, more flexible loads.

  • Cable management systems

Although the cable management system may appear insignificant at first, it quickly becomes essential. This is a given when using a sit-stand desk. Pick a model with holes and canals to make it simple to store the wires and make them invisible rather than one with loose ends that could entangle your feet and cause trips and falls. If your product does not have them, you should be aware that vented clips are available to support the wires and keep them in the back of the legs.

  • Supported Load

This is a criterion that we don’t usually consider, but it’s important. Since you will be using it frequently, just like your mobile, you should ensure that the lifting mechanism is strong enough to lift the weight with ease. To do this, check the maximum capacity.

  • Choose a brand you can trust

There are numerous models of sit-stand desks. Invest in a brand that prioritizes customer experience. The best companies provide warranties, reasonable shipping, and accommodating return policies.

  • Price

The cost of these work accessories shouldn’t come as a surprise because they are clearly more expensive than a standard desk. However, consider your purchase as a long-term investment and do not let this criterion deter you. Desktop converters are a more appealing and less expensive option if money is tight.

Manual or electric sit-stand desks are best?

It all depends on your requirements and preferences, but both models have advantages and disadvantages. Electric desks are slightly more expensive, but they compensate with a significant improvement in ease of use. They are frequently equipped with a control panel, allowing you to change positions with the touch of a button and without exerting additional effort. The majority of them are able to memorize many positions, to the exact centimeter, based on your requirements. You will adore their numerous intriguing characteristics.


Using a small standing desk at work is a great approach to maintain productivity while also making positive changes to your physical and emotional well-being. Before you figure out what works best for you, you might need to experiment with a few various models and settings, but the benefits will be substantial. A standing desk, when properly configured, may significantly improve your daily energy levels and overall health.

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