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‘’Boom Journal’: A mental Health App That Aims For Making Mindfulness Simple

Boom journal co-founders Matt West & Matt Cook are still concentrating on growing the mental health app, with a devoted user base.

Boom journal is positioned to become the standard meditation app by 2022 and beyond, with a following of over 1.2 followers on Instagram who are eager in learning about alternative methods of enhancing mental well-being.

Boom Journal co-founders Matt West and Matt Cook said, “We hope to destigmatize mental health by reframing the perspective and turning the emphasis to mental riches via mindful writing.”

Boom Journal’s guided meditation may help you train your mind, much as the mental health applications that have encouraged individuals to practice mindfulness throughout COVID-19. A daily guided mindful diary can help you develop healthy thought patterns, increase your positive mood, and increase your level of productivity and delight.

How to relax

Before the coronavirus, 7 out of 10 millennials experienced stress, therefore the popular Boom approach to stress management includes guided mindful writing in our everyday routines.

The software is designed with rigorous encryption standards to provide complete privacy and to make the experience easy and engaging. The app user taps an answer that includes a series of questions. The growing popularity of diary recording is inevitable given that written journaling has been clinically linked to better mental and emotional well-being and that the worldwide note paper industry is predicted to expand by $18.8 billion between 2020 and 2024.

Not only millennials may gain from this; 73% of IT workers from top businesses, regardless of age, report feeling this way feeling tense. The app also includes an artificial intelligence-powered emotional well-being tracker.

“We [millennials] have spoken about keeping a diary and exercising for a very long time, but often we give up after a few tries because it is hard to fit it into our schedules. On our cell phones, it is easier and more engaging to capture and save our colorful life updates. Since we have been messaging, recording, and storing using Instagram for some time now, we now have the opportunity to document our thoughts and actions. I like that our early users are business owners, artists, athletes, and craftsmen. —Matt West, a co-founder of Boom Journals and the host of the Brain Boom podcast.

As a millennial who struggled to manage stress, and considering that 50% of millennials left their employment last year for reasons related to their mental and emotional health, I am even more inspired to find strategies to minimize stress and increase our level of happiness. It was not until stress had a significant impact on his life that led psychologist and founder of Boom Journal Matt West to use mindfulness to strengthen his emotional muscle. West said that his passion for understanding what motivates people to take action began in high school, bridging the connection to learning how to help others. He created a strategy to make mental and emotional well-being easy, participatory, and efficient ways to manage stress out of his enthusiasm for helping people. To ensure that the app reaches the younger generations, Boom is also focusing on forming alliances with public and charter schools.

Building Boom Journal

After a series of demanding life events, Matt West’s idea for Boom Journal was born. “I did not have a healthy approach to deal with the stress and burnout I was experiencing,” he stated “Matt West, a co-founder of Boom Journal, made a statement. “I also realized that there were others who had had difficult life circumstances and needed a simple, wholesome method of stress management. Boom Journal was born out of this need to help individuals find themselves and teach their minds to control their emotions.


Boom Journal’s purpose is quite clear: to assist in managing emotions and to enable people to feel energized, inspired, and joyful.

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