Book Travel, Get Crypto

Those looking for a way to get their start in the crypto market need not look further than their daily purchases. New apps such as Rewards Bunny are coming out that allow users to earn cryptocurrency for their everyday activities, like online shopping. And now, we are seeing the purchases with which these platforms are compatible expand even further, with new programs like travel rewards giving consumers even more opportunities to earn crypto.

Rewards Bunny is a revolutionary new cashback app available on the App Store and Google Play store that allows users to earn cashback without changing their regular buying and spending habits. With thousands of online stores participating in the platform, and more being added every day, shoppers have plenty of opportunities to save money and earn rewards on their everyday purchases.

Indeed, cashback apps like Rewards Bunny are so great because they are just another tiny step added to what shoppers were already doing. Gone are the days when saving a bit of money meant clipping coupons or scouring every online store looking for the best deal; all you have to do is shop through Rewards Bunny, and you’ll be on your way to earning cashback for a percentage of your purchases.

Making crypto more accessible for the consumer

Rewards Bunny stands out from other cashback apps because it allows users to earn their rewards in either USD or cryptocurrency. It is a first-of-its-kind app that brings cryptocurrency to a broader platform. Those wary of investing in the world of crypto don’t have to worry with Rewards Bunny, because the money going into crypto is money they would have been spending anyway. In addition, the nature of cryptocurrency means that not only are users able to get cashback — this cashback can then grow in value over time.

“Many users are hesitant to purchase crypto on designated platforms, so we have designed a system where they can purchase household goods, luxury items, and now even travel with their native currency and earn the cashback in crypto. This fosters financial inclusivity in this meteoric rising market, and allows the other 99% to participate in the crypto revolution,” says Jacky Goh, founder of Rewards Bunny.

Rewards Bunny exists to make the cryptocurrency market more accessible for the average consumer. The world of crypto is limited by most consumers’ lack of knowledge of how blockchain and cryptocurrencies work. The Rewards Bunny platform, however, helps reduce the stakes since consumers won’t be investing their hard-earned money, but rather money they would have spent anyway.

Earning crypto through travel

The newest development in the Rewards Bunny app is the addition of travel websites to their offerings. With this addition, users can book their travel through Rewards Bunny and earn crypto for flights and other travel. It’s a new program with enormous potential for users looking to earn crypto. Flights can be expensive, so any way to get some relief from costly travel bookings is a welcome boon for many consumers — especially in the form of cryptocurrency that has the potential to grow and appreciate in value.

Rewards Bunny’s program runs in contrast to more traditional airline miles programs. Whereas those rewards programs typically only benefit “frequent flyers” — people who travel regularly and can build up enough points/miles to use them — Rewards Bunny can benefit both casual and frequent travelers. Even if you only travel occasionally, you can earn cryptocurrency through Rewards Bunny, and the amount you earn increases even more if you travel regularly.

Rewards Bunny enables users to earn cryptocurrency as cashback on their everyday purchases, from household items to travel. The new feature for consumers to earn crypto on travel purchases is exciting, as it will allow users to save money on their costly purchases. It’s a great way to put a little money back into your pocket, with the possibility of earning even more.

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