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Bonzah Review: Revolutionizing the U.S. Rental Car Insurance Market

Established in 2010, Bonzah draws inspiration from the founder’s personal experiences with renting cars during travels, particularly recognizing the distinct segregation of insurance costs such as loss, damage, or theft from the initial rental price. In response to this insightful observation, Bonzah emerged as a company with a steadfast commitment to providing innovative insurance solutions for rental cars in the United States, placing significant emphasis on delivering a seamless and stress-free experience for travelers.

Firmly dedicated to comprehensive coverage, Bonzah has significantly expanded its services, ensuring coverage across all 50 states in the United States. With a strong determination to address common concerns associated with car rentals, Bonzah offers customized insurance policies aimed at minimizing additional charges and streamlining the rental process.

At the heart of Bonzah’s ethos is the mission to make the experience of renting a car hassle-free. The company’s nationwide coverage underscores its extensive reach across the country. For individuals considering the utilization of Bonzah’s services, thoroughly exploring genuine customer reviews can provide invaluable perspectives on the company’s performance and customer satisfaction.

Gaining insight into the experiences of other users who have availed Bonzah’s rental car insurance policies can furnish valuable insights, aiding potential customers in making well-informed decisions regarding the suitability of Bonzah for their specific needs and preferences within the domain of car rentals. emerges as a cost-effective and trouble-free alternative to insurance offered at rental car desks.

Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, and boasting over 5 years in the industry, Bonzah operates in every state as well as in most countries, thereby establishing itself as a distinctive platform providing on-demand rental car coverage, often at a more economical rate compared to options available at rental desks. Through a streamlined digital sign-up process, Bonzah extends an array of benefits to its policyholders, encompassing free cancellation within 10 days of purchase and the provision of roadside assistance. Bonzah is readily available in every state and is accessible in most countries, showcasing its commitment to offering comprehensive services to its clientele.

Rental car insurance is a type of coverage that specifically applies to vehicles you rent for a temporary period, distinct from the insurance policy you may have for your personal car. This insurance safeguards the rented vehicle during the duration of your reservation and typically comprises various components, each addressing specific aspects of protection. While the names of these components may vary among insurance providers, the fundamental coverages include: 


Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): CDW shields you from being held financially responsible for repair or replacement expenses if the rental car sustains damage while in your possession. This coverage spans a range of damages, from minor dents to severe wrecks. It’s noteworthy that rental agencies usually acquire damage insurance for their own vehicles. Without CDW, if you damage the car, the rental company’s insurance pays for the repairs upfront, and you reimburse the rental car company for those costs. 

Supplemental Liability Protection (SLP): Unlike CDW, which focuses on the rented vehicle, SLP comes into play if you’re involved in an accident that causes harm to other individuals or their property. SLP helps cover some or all of the expenses related to third-party medical costs and property damage, depending on the coverage amount you choose. 

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI): While CDW and SLP address costs associated with the rental company’s property or damages to a third party, PAI specifically covers medical expenses for you and your passengers in the event of an accident. 

Personal Effects Coverage (PEC): PEC provides coverage for the cost of your belongings in case of theft from the rental car. It’s important to note that rental car insurance policies can vary, and it’s advisable to carefully review the terms and coverage options offered by your insurance provider or the rental agency to determine the best fit for your needs.

Best For: 

  • Frequent travelers valuing quality rental car insurance
  • Car owners and non-owners in need of liability coverage 
  • Cost-conscious drivers 
  • Uninsured motorists licensed to drive and seeking rental car insurance 


  • Up to $35,000 in coverage for primary and secondary liability insurance 
  • 24-hour customer service 
  • Typically more affordable than rental car coverage at the counter 
  • Online quotes and claims 


  • Must be purchased ahead of time 

When renting a car, it’s easy to overlook the agreement and insurance requirements. Bonzah aims to bridge the gap, providing a safer rental car experience for everyone involved. 

Bonzah Rental Car Insurance Coverage Options 

Did you know that Bonzah is the only company offering on-demand primary and supplemental liability insurance products online? At Bonzah, you can choose insurance that covers: 


  • Rental car damage up to $35,000, including collision, theft, vandalism, windstorms, fire, hail, flooding, and damage beyond your control 


  • Optional roadside assistance $500 maximum deductible for accidents with other vehicles


  • Primary and supplemental liability insurance includes: 


  • Up to $1 million aggregate in the U.S. and Canada Renter’s contingent liability, offering minimum coverage for the state where you are driving 


  • Coverage of statutory state minimums in each state



Coverage also includes: 

  • Baggage and personal items 


  • Zero deductible for liability claims 


  • A 10-day free look 


  • Coverage for everyone 21 and older 


When ready for a quote, simply choose your destination, travel dates, and drop-off time. The quote generates quickly, allowing for easy comparison shopping, upfront purchase, or return when ready to buy. 

Bonzah Customer Service Rating 

When you need support, Bonzah is accessible through the online contact form or by sending a message for a callback. While a callback time isn’t guaranteed, Bonzah strives to respond promptly. Connect with Bonzah on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for on-the-go assistance. With numerous options and 24-hour customer care, Bonzah earns a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. 

Bonzah Customer Pricing depends on your destination, rental type, and duration. Bonzah assures affordability, offering zero-deductible policies that often outshine traditional car insurance and travel insurance. Check trip dates and review Bonzah’s pricing for a firsthand comparison. With competitive pricing, Bonzah earns a 4.5-star rating. 

Bonzah Mobile App Rating The Bonzah mobile app complements its website seamlessly. Available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, the app allows instant quoting. With a clean design, upcoming trips are conveniently displayed, and the top menu offers easy navigation. Notably, the “Contact Us” option takes precedence, enhancing user convenience. Bonzah’s mobile app receives a high rating for its user-friendly design.

Bonzah User Benefits 

Bonzah offers an abundance of benefits, enriching each visit to the website: 

  • Extensive FAQs surpassing traditional insurer websites 
  • An informative learning section 
  • A comprehensive list of non-covered items 
  • The blog covering seasonal and topical insurance and travel issues 
  • Easy claims filing and cancellation at any time 

Bonzah cuts through bureaucratic processes, providing flexible coverage for commonly rented vehicles, including cars, 8-seater passenger vans, SUVs, and exotic cars valued under $50,000. Notably, Bonzah transparently lists what is not covered, earning it a 4.5-star rating for clarity. 

What Is Not Covered by Bonzah? 

While the absence of coverage isn’t a benefit, Bonzah clearly outlines what it does not cover, ensuring users are well-informed. For transparency, Bonzah earns a 4.5-star rating. Bonzah does not cover: 

  • Bicycles 
  • Motorcycles 
  • Off-roaders 
  • Commercial trucks 
  • Trailers 
  • RVs 
  • Antique cars 
  • Exotic cars exceeding $50,000 in value 

The platform’s simplicity enhances user experience and prevents surprises regarding coverage. 

User Experience 

Bonzah elevates user experience by delivering comprehensive coverage. Whether planning a long trip or securing rental car coverage on the spot, Bonzah offers flexibility. The mobile app, with no deductible and quality features, ensures policy management on the go. Bonzah’s upfront disclosure about non-covered items adds to its value, making it a valuable supplement to traditional car insurance and travel insurance. 

Bonzah Rental Car Insurance Review vs. Competitors 

Bonzah stands out with top-tier service and support. The platform’s no-deductible policy provides peace of mind during vacations or travel. The Bonzah insurance app, with live chat and callback options, surpasses traditional insurers. Bonzah has invested significantly in customer care, distinguishing itself with exemplary assistance for rental car insurance policies. 

Bonzah Rental Car Coverage Overall Rating 

Bonzah impresses with an outstanding insurance plan that outperforms traditional car insurance. Offering extensive coverage, no deductibles, a quality mobile app, and exceptional customer service, Bonzah provides peace of mind. While it’s easy to assume traditional insurance will suffice, Bonzah offers substantial coverage, making it deserving of a 4.5-star rating. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Do rental cars come with liability insurance? 

A: No, liability insurance must be purchased at the counter or through personal insurance. Bonzah understands that users may have affordable traditional car insurance or none at all, making it a suitable choice. 

Q: What is the best rental car insurance to get? 

A: The best insurance plan is the most convenient and affordable one. Shop around, seek good coverage, and keep prices low, especially when renting a car for trips away from home.

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