Bonk (BONK) Witnesses a 40% Decline as InQubeta Sets Sights on $8 Million Milestone


The rollercoaster ride of the beginner cryptocurrency market continues. This time, everyone is witnessing Bonk (BONK) taking a wild dip, plummeting by a whopping 40%. This article delves into the reasons behind this decline and shines a light on InQubeta (QUBE), which is setting its sights on an $8 million milestone in its presale. The crypto drama unfolds, and the stage is set for both caution and opportunity.

Bonk’s Wild Ride: A 40% Decline Unveiled

In the dynamic world of top crypto coins, listings on giants like Binance and Coinbase often trigger excitement and temporary price spikes. However, with great highs come inevitable corrections, and Bonk (BONK) is the latest character in this crypto saga.

After reaching its zenith on December 15, BONK took a nosedive, shedding more than half its value in the subsequent days. Recent data from CoinMarketCap tells the tale of an 11.47% decline on December 28, with BONK trading near $0.0000138 and a market capitalization of over $839 million.

Insights from Lookonchain suggest that this decline may be linked to substantial token movements, including a trader offloading a colossal 52.3 billion BONK (worth around $927,000) after its listing on Binance. It appears the excitement surrounding BONK’s listing led to a remarkable 1000% increase in its price within a month.

Adding to the intrigue, DWFLabs reportedly moved about 50 billion BONK, valued around $1.6 million, to Binance, intensifying selling pressure and contributing to the price drop. Chart analysis of BONK further reveals a break from an ascending channel pattern on its daily chart, signaling a shift in buying momentum.

The best cryptocurrency world is unpredictable, and while Bonk took a hit, the market remains a landscape of opportunities and cautionary tales.

InQubeta (QUBE): The Beacon in the Crypto Storm

Amidst the tumultuous movements in various crypto realms, InQubeta (QUBE) stands as a beacon of innovation and stability. It’s not just a good crypto for beginners. It’s a transformative force in the realm of AI investments, offering a unique platform that revolutionizes how investors engage with and support AI startups.

InQubeta’s Quest for $8 Million

InQubeta’s presale is in full swing at Stage 6, with QUBE tokens priced enticingly at $0.01925. The project has already raised an impressive $7.8 million, with over 698 million tokens in the hands of early investors. The journey is heating up fast, with the next stage on the horizon, promising a token price of $0.0224. The $8 million milestone is in sight, making this stage a prime opportunity for savvy investors to get in before the next surge.

InQubeta’s approach to AI investments is groundbreaking. By enabling easy investment in AI startups, the project breaks down the limitations of traditional investments through its crypto crowdfunding platform. QUBE, the native token, grants beginner cryptocurrency investors access to funding and democratizes entry to top-notch investment opportunities.

The InQubeta (QUBE) Advantage

Experts are buzzing about InQubeta’s potential for an epic pump, and the ongoing ten-stage presale echoes this sentiment. Its popularity and potential for long-term growth in the market is resulting in a lot of attention. The project’s standout feature, the coolest NFT marketplace, is a game-changer, connecting AI startups with eager investors.

The NFT marketplace acts as a bridge, minting AI projects into trending NFTs and offering a budget-friendly, secure, and seamless process for purchasing assets. Investors benefit from investing in projects they believe in, and AI startups get funding through this innovative approach.



In the grand theater of cryptocurrency, some take a tumble, while others rise to the occasion. Bonk (BONK) may be facing a decline, but InQubeta (QUBE) shines as a star navigating the crypto seas. As we witness market fluctuations, it’s crucial to explore opportunities that align with innovation and stability.

Don’t merely watch the crypto drama unfold—be a part of it. Explore InQubeta, understand the dynamics of AI investments, and consider joining the community on Twitter. The crypto future is calling, and InQubeta is leading the way. Ready to ride the waves of opportunity? Visit their website now and be a part of the future of AI investments.

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