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Bolzano-based Water Filtration Company SANUSLIFE Launches Utility Payment Token

Ewald Rieder and his team at SANUSLIFE have taken the pursuit of delivering potable water to as many people as possible a notch higher with the launch of the SANUSCOIN. The move is part of the process of digitalizing the water filtration company, which has gradually evolved into a sustainable coin provider.

We come from the field of drinking water treatment and develop products for health. SANUSLIFE was founded by me in 2006. As already mentioned, we have specialized in the field of drinking water treatment and primarily sell drinking water filters and water ionizers, as well as natural food supplements and alkaline natural cosmetics. In addition, we offer numerous services for individuals to generate income through successful referrals and for entrepreneurs by helping them generate more customers and sales and as well as strengthen their image,” said Ewald Rieder.

Overview Of SANUSLIFE Ecosystem

SANUSLIFE was founded with the primary goal of making drinking water easily accessible by delivering premium quality filters and ionizers to customers. The Bolzano-based family business was inspired by Ewald’s enthusiasm for water filtration and treatment. Over the years, the company has evolved, introducing different drinking water treatment options that will help the body hydrate optimally. In a related development, SANUSLIFE introduced a new software in 2016 amidst plans to expand the product range through new business areas, starting with digitalization steps.

The expansion led to the creation of SANUSWORLD as an in-house community as well as SANUSPLANET, an initiative to protect animals, plants, and people, all in 2016. The initiative was created to give back to the planet, with 1% of the net margin for every online purchase going into a pool to support urgent aid projects.

SANUSCOIN is the most recent addition to the SANUSLIFE family as part of the digitalization process.


The SANUSCOIN project has been in the pipeline for a couple of years, as the SANUSCOIN package was stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain in March 2018. The coin is created as a decentralized utility payment token or digital voucher to bridge the gap between the crypto world and the traditional economic world, allowing members of the community to exchange their SANUSCREDITS for the coins.

The SANUSLIFE ecosystem will also have a mobile app that will make it a lot easier for exchanges and transactions, with the SANUSCOIN to be used and accepted worldwide as a means of payment. In order to ensure the stability of the coin, only 777,777,777 units of SANUSCOIN will be issued, sharing a similar feature with the almighty Bitcoin.

SANUSCOIN is designed for all categories of users, including businesses and individuals, with experts already describing it as a revolutionary token as it can be used in the central world and the decentralized world.

The SANUSCOIN is a digital voucher or utility payment token. It is programmed on the Bitcoin blockchain, the most secure and established blockchain in the whole world- which, by the way, has never been hacked until today. That’s why you can say that SANUSCOIN is 100% secure on the Bitcoin blockchain. Moreover, it is strictly limited by software code, which protects it from inflation. All you need to hold or use it is a smartphone with a digital wallet and internet. And just like bitcoin, SANUSCOIN is not controlled by states or central banks, but everyone who holds it also controls it themselves.” – Ewald Rieder, founder and CEO of SANUSLIFE.

For more information about SANUSLIFE and the range of innovative products from the ever-evolving brand, visit – and @SANUSlife across social media.

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