Bohdan Prylepa -Blockchain Trailblazer

Bohdan Prylepa -Blockchain Trailblazer

The past year proved to be tumultuous for cryptocurrencies. Although there was a rise and fall for bitcoin, overall the sector grew immensely. This, coupled with the advent of covid turned the financial world on its head and found people more than ever looking for new ways of securing their savings and prolonging investments.

Through this barrage of change, there has been a steady role of key players in the industry that maintain a status quo of calm and influence, shaping the way the industry morphs and grows.

One such person is Bohdan Prylepa, who as a young IT entrepreneur in Ukraine began his first company even before completing his post-secondary education. In 2013 Prylepa founded an agency that developed mobile apps, created various forms of advertising, offline marketing, marketing strategies, and brand promotion. It was around this same time that he first discovered cryptocurrencies.

Although it sparked his interest, Prylepa always held the notion that one should go “all or nothing” into a single pursuit. With this mentality at hand, it wasn’t until 2016 he decided to put all his focus into blockchain technology. His intent was to put everything into the endeavor and succeed.

This journey of success within the field of blockchain began with the company he co-founded, Prof-it. The company utilizes software based on blockchain technology in order to ascertain business solutions, create a wide array of web products, as well as mobile applications.

The idea of Prof-it was to cover all the bases within blockchain while putting it to work for the clients. Everything from the most simple, to the most complex process was attended to in order to meet the demands of the user. Prylepa currently resides as the CTO of Prof-it, which is based in Dubai.

Along with Prof-it, Prylepa was instrumental in the co-founding and formation of the Bitcoin Ultimatum. BTCU was designed to fix some of the flaws present in the predecessor Bitcoin. BTCU created many new advantages, including major developments in speed and security, allowing for up to 10,000 transactions per second, and the blockchain native coin is mined through staking rather than proof of work technology.

The next major achievement that played an integral part was the creation of Ukraine’s first regulated exchange, Qmall. The exchange was not created overnight but rather after exhaustive years in development along with 3 million earned through an investment.

The exchange, which was presented in November of last year, is the first crypto exchange that will exist in its own MetaVerse (which is set to be completed in 2022). This coincides with the fact that Prylepa himself has earned an advisory position with the regulatory authorities of different countries in regard to blockchain technology.

Besides leading these major projects with Prof-it and Qmall, Prylepa is also the co-founder and Chairman of WeWay, revolutionary crypto social media platform. This is a major step for crypto on a global level and showcases even further the competitive nature of Prylepa and his fellow Ukrainian IT entrepreneurs.

WeWay is a platform where users can buy and sell their unique NFTs associated with their favorite online and offline personalities, businesses, and artists to name a few. The platform opens a new world for Prylepa and blockchain technology to shine.

Surely all of this is not the last we will see of Prylepa. With new projects in the pipeline, soon we will surely be hearing about new innovations. Prylepa has mentioned that there is a new blockchain to be implemented for the one the Ministries of Ukraine, saying that it would be a big step forward for the country. This, on top of WeWay expanding into the MetaVerse, is just a taste of what is to come.

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