Body Measurement Software: Application in Fashion Industry

Application in Fashion Industry

Taking appropriate measurements is an inevitable part of the fashion industry as this is what helps them deliver that perfectly fit costume their consumers long for. 

Clothes have been forever custom tailored and sewed until ready to wear costumes were out in the market for sale. Despite that, one fit for all wasn’t actually a true fashion concept. But after the industry embraced 3D tech, the working pattern, and genre of functioning completely altered. The use of body measurement software is one such example. 

Before indulging in the main topic to know what’s the application, let’s understand what exactly the software is. 

What Is Body Measurement Software?

Body measurement software is an application that helps take down the right measurement of a human body by replicating the person’s image into a 3D model. It scans the human body in a contactless manner to fetch all the minute dimensions. This helps the designers to curate perfectly fitted garments. 

Application of Body Measurement Software in the Fashion Industry 

  • Virtual Try-on

Virtual clothing try-on solutions digitally mimic the behavior of the fabric on the human body. It enables fashion designers to acquire the first visual outcomes of their designs without developing real prototypes. Therefore consumers can easily witness how the new attire looks and subsequently get them imported to their locations. Furthermore, professionals who deal with styling persons can show their consumers how they would appear before actually going through the hardened process of buying dresses. 

Consumers can try garments virtually from the comfort of their homes or the store with the help of a measurement scanning booth.

  • Size Surveying

The body measurement software can help determine the exact size of the human body. And when you are able to fetch the right measurement, there is nothing that can go wrong when aiming to create one perfect attire. As a result, the retrievals are none to less while buying is more. Besides, tailors can even use the data generated to create garments that meet their consumer needs. 

  • Creating Personalized Dummies

Body measurement software assists in constructing personalized dummies. These dummies are called anthropometric figures. They are employed in Virtual clothing try-on solutions to create fully parameterized general human-body prototypes.  

  • Made-to-measure

The made-to-measure application produces a dress or a cloth item that is created especially for an individual as per their body measurements. It is an alternative for manual measurement in a digital form.  

Bottom Line

Body measurement software is a revolution in the fashion industry. The way it functions and fetches all the required details in no time that too in a contactless form is surely worth it, especially when we look at the prevailing situation. 

The software was originally available for the fashion industry that spread to different industries quickly. The body measurement software helps devise body measurements’ precision to create products that perfectly fit the customers. As a result, the software helps both online and offline retailers increase their productivity irrespective of the prevailing scenario. 

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