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Body London – An Inclusive Platform for Fashion Models

Who hasn’t admired the glamorous lifestyle of a beautiful model as she walked down a runway at a fashion show?

The majority of us have, at some point in our lives, admired models for their charm and poise, and some of us even had aspirations to be fashion models. However, despite appearances, a model’s life and work are anything but glamorous. Modeling is about more than just looking good, and it requires extensive effort to become one.

The fold of fashion modeling is extremely competitive and one would not be wrong in saying that it is a career that is both lucrative and demanding. To pursue a career in the fashion industry, a lot of determination, dedication, patience and hard work is required. Individuals who step into the fashion modeling industry often face a lot of struggle and rejection initially. As a result, many individuals have trouble remaining committed to the struggle and give up halfway through. Only the strong-minded and the strong-willed individuals manage to survive in the ruthless fashion industry. 

A modeling career requires long hours spent at outdoor shoots and in studios. Physical fitness is crucial for managing this hectic schedule and regular exercise, healthy sleeping and eating, and a good beauty routine becomes mandatory. In order to sustain in this industry, mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness. A highly professional attitude is another very important requirement for a model and one should be able to effectively respond to criticism. Flexibility, openness to new ideas, and adaptability to a wide range of travel plans and times are also essential for an aspiring model. 

A career in modeling would benefit greatly for someone having a strong sense of judgment and discretion. A model would benefit from having good judgmental skills in order to avoid the excesses that the world of glamour has. In order to protect their reputation, models can use their discretionary powers to choose which tasks to accept and which to decline. Models can figure out if they are getting paid fairly for the work if they have good business sense and can also avoid exploitation if they have a little knowledge of how the industry operates.

In order to deal with these challenges and survive in the fashion modeling industry, contacts are very important, so along with having good communication and networking skills, picking the right modeling agency that would represent them would be very helpful for aspiring fashion models. A reputable modeling agency will guide a model in every step of their journey and would help them succeed in the industry. One such modeling agency which has facilitated models of diverse backgrounds by providing them guidance and a variety of other services is Body London.

Body London is a proactive modeling agency for editorial, commercial, and high-end fashion models based in London which was established in 2009 by model Gemma Howorth and has its headquarters in London. 

Howorth’s goal was to offer models transparent, fair, and professional services throughout their career. The agency is following a proactive approach, and accepts models from a variety of backgrounds, whether they are environmentalists, musicians, advocates for inclusion or belong to LGBTQ+ community. The agency also discusses a variety of social issues with its employees, such as inclusivity, body positivity, and raising awareness of models’ rights, with the goal of having a positive impact not only in the modeling industry but also all over the world. 

Each model associated with Body London is assigned a personal manager by the model management team, in addition to a mental health-trained manager who ensures that the models’ opinions are supported and heard.

Body London supports the global goal of making the planet carbon neutral and is aware of the seriousness of climate change. For this purpose, it has started an initiative called “One Job, One Tree” in which every time someone hires the agency for an assignment, a tree is planted. Additionally, it provides jobs to at-risk communities and pays the local community to manage this growth. It is a seedling partner of Eden Reforestation Projects for the same reason.

Through their services, Body London has not only helped models in achieving success, but has also contributed in the overall growth of the fashion industry. By providing career advancement opportunities to diverse models, the agency has gained an upper hand and edge over its competitors in the fashion business.


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