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Bob McNeil Shares the Importance of Community Involvement for Your Business

Bob McNeil

As the Chairman Emeritus of a full-service marketing firm, Bob McNeil enjoys a unique perspective on what makes businesses successful. From his humble upbringing to creating his own business in college, Bob McNeil has decades of experience in growing and managing a business. Through his experiences, Bob knows that the most successful businesses focus on personal growth and engaging with the community around their business. Read on to learn why.

Community Involvement Will Make Your Brand Known

With the impact of the internet on daily lives and businesses, it is immeasurably important to pay attention to your image. A positive reputation will make your business known and, hopefully, loved by the community members.

Corporate social responsibility is an easy and often low-cost way for a business to make itself known to the community by just showing up. 

Community Involvement Will Attract Customers 

When your community sees that your business cares about more than business, you will attract and retain customers. How? Consumers love businesses that care. Harvard Business School reports that 70% of Americans believe it is either “somewhat” or “very important” for companies to improve the world. 

Community involvement also expands the reach of your business. You might get in front of customers who would only know about your business because of your community involvement. 

Another way to attract customers is through positive press from community involvement. When companies care, people take notice. 77% of American consumers are motivated to make purchase goods and services from companies with high levels of community involvement. 

Community Involvement Will Improve Employee Experience

Community involvement can also benefit your business from the inside out. When employees are allowed to volunteer, they can let their passions shine. Encouraging employees to participate in things they value will enable them to feel fulfilled. In turn, employees bring a renewed sense of energy into the workplace. Up to 71% of employees report increased job satisfaction when encouraged to participate in community involvement projects. 

Some employers even offer incentives to employees who participate in community involvement. From giveaways to official recognition, employees like to be rewarded for positively impacting the community.  

Community involvement is also an easy way to foster relationships among employees across different divisions or positions. Bob McNeil is often found working with team members and colleagues from his industry in various capacities, proving that no job is too small to make an impact. 

How Will Your Business Get Involved? 

Think about how your business can get involved in your local community. From soup kitchens to picking up litter, there are nearly unlimited ways in which you can raise awareness for your business with community engagement.

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